Finished year 12 and missed out on getting in to Deakin? In the workforce or currently studying? No matter what your situation, let us help you find a pathway to Deakin.

What are pathways?

Pathways provide alternative entry options for getting into university if you do not meet the requirements for entry.

Pathways through Deakin

A great pathway to Deakin is studying an Associate Degree of Arts, Associate Degree of Education, transferring between Deakin courses or campuses or undertaking a single unit of study, which can be used as credit towards a degree.

Deakin Learning Centres

Study close to home in a supported tertiary environment at a Deakin Learning Centre in Dandenong, Craigieburn and Werribee. You can also study some Deakin courses at a number of TAFE partners in regional locations.

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Study at Deakin College

Looking for a direct pathway to business, commerce, IT, media and communications, science, engineering and more at Deakin?

Located onsite at Deakin campuses, Deakin College gives you access to all Deakin facilities and services, providing a fast-track pathway into Deakin undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

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Study at TAFE before Deakin

Technical and Further Education (TAFE) is a great way to earn credit towards your Deakin degree. Plus, you'll also come out with two qualifications – one from TAFE and one from Deakin. Take advantage of guaranteed pathways and much more. 

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Other pathways to Deakin

Gain credit for your work experience

At Deakin, we understand not everyone goes straight to university after finishing high school, and experience in the workforce can be just as valuable as prior study. Your industry experience could be used as credit towards a Deakin degree.

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Other Educational Institutions

Pathways through the workforce

Pathways through other educational institutions

Deakin considers all university and private tertiary education provider qualifications for credit for prior learning, even if the qualification is unrelated to what you want to study.

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Gain a Masters through DeakinDigital Credentials

DeakinDigital Credentials acknowledges your current skill-set and converts them into university credentials without sitting through a uni course re-learning what you already know. Developed in conjunction with industry, it’s true validation of your experience.

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