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CloudDeakin April Release (29/4/22)

  1. Groups - When teaching staff create and save a new group category, the Groups tool displays the category and prompts that their group or groups are being created in the background; further, it indicates that the teaching staff will be notified once the groups are created.
  2. HTML Editor - Minor visual updates made to the advanced code editor to increase the readability of tags and text and place the Save and Cancel buttons in consistent locations. Improved compatibility with screen reader technology is also included in this feature.
  3. Intelligent Agents - The changes to the Create Agent page include:
    • A modernised user interface. This is a visual upgrade and does not impact functionality.
    • Scheduling options have been moved to the top of the page.
    • The ability to expand/collapse each section on the agent creation page (Scheduling, Criteria, Actions) to improve usability.
    • Two new agent frequency options: One-Time Run and Hourly.
    • The existing Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually options all now have a Scheduled Time option that users complete to determine what time that the agent will run on the dates scheduled for the agent to run.
    • The Subject line of the agents' emails now supports up to 128 characters. This brings it inline with the Email tool. Previously, the character limit was 100 characters.

CloudDeakin March Release (25/3/22)

  1. Announcement - Ability for teaching staff to copy announcement.
  2. Platform - a stylistic upgrade to the layout of the show/hide interface.

CloudDeakin February Release (25/2/22)

  1. Content - The Print and Download buttons are now available when viewing a topic in fullscreen.
  2. HTML Editor - A new tab is now added to the existing Attributes menu, allowing users to enter page attributes for language and/or title when viewed.
  3. Intelligent Agents - The ability to create, assign, and manage categories; and a new Bulk Edit for some agent details: title, category, and active/inactive state.

CloudDeakin January Release (28/1/22)

  1. Browser - CloudDeakin now displays warnings (Your browser is looking a little retro) for browsers earlier than the following versions:
    • Chrome 93 (released in August 2021)
    • Safari 13 (released in September 2019)
    • Firefox 91 (released in August 2021)
    • Edge 93 (released in August 2021)

    We strongly recommend that all users access CloudDeakin with a supported browser.

  2. Calendar - The Set to Today button is renamed to Today. The Today button continues to set the date and the time based on the context. Added a Now button that sets the current date and time. The Today and Now buttons only appear when a date and time are required. The Today, Now, and Clear buttons are center-aligned in the date and time picker.
  3. Discussions - To make the Discussion evaluation consistent with the Assignments evaluation, this feature adds the Grading Rubric drop-down to the sidebar menu. This allows the teaching staff to choose a grading rubric when evaluating a discussion.

CloudDeakin December Release (23/12/21)

  1. Content - The count and overdue badges in the Table of Contents now reflect an updated appearanc.
  2. HTML Editor - Hotkey shortcut to access the source editor is now available. On Windows: Ctrl+Shift+E and on Mac: Command+Shift+E
  3. Alerts - Alerts can be retrieved for up to 90 days. It takes 90 days after this update for a full 90 days of alerts to accumulate.

CloudDeakin November Release (26/11/21)

  1. Content - This updates the PDF Inline viewer used when showing all converted documents (e.g. Word documents) as PDFs. As a result, the PDF inline viewer menu has moved to the top of the PDF document, along with PDF navigation and actions and an overall refreshed button design.
  2. Email - Users can send up to 200 email addresses in the To and CC fields in a single email.
  3. Files - Users will receie a warning message if they attempt to upload a file with an extension that is on the security restricted list. For example, .asp, .exe, .bat and so on.
  4. HTML Editor - The drag/drop and copy/paste functionality of images is now available in the following areas:
    • Quizzes - Feedback
    • Grades - Feedback
    • Grades - Comments
    • Discussions - Feedback

CloudDeakin October Release (29/10/21)

  1. Assignment - The Preview Activity option is now available to teaching staff in Evaluation mode.
  2. Content - The Print button is visible to users when viewing a PDF topic.
  3. Discussions - New evaluation interface in Discussions where teaching staff will see evaluation tools and the post being evaluated displaying side-by-side. Assessment workflows have not changed.
  4. Discussions - It is now easier for teaching staff to set visibility and posting restrictions for discussion forums and topics. This change simplifies date management for discussion activities, offering a more consistent, simplified, and consolidated experience for teaching staff.
  5. HTML Editor - The drag/drop and copy/paste functionality of images is now available in the following areas that contain no user-specific data.
    • Content - Module/Topic Descriptions
    • Content - Overview Descriptions
    • Discussion - Forum/Topic Descriptions
    • Grades - Description
    • Quiz/Survey/Self-Assessment - Description, Header and Footer.
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