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CloudDeakin October Release (23/10/20)

  1. File Types (students) - For security reasons, students no longer able to upload the following file types: cgi, cmd, hta, jar, lib, pl, pm, ps1, sh and vbscript.
  2. Quizzes - When importing questions from Question Library, staff can now use the default end of quiz location for the questions, or choose to import the questions into a section.

CloudDeakin September Release (25/9/20)

  1. Quizzes - Ability to allow students to attach files, video and audio in their answers in Arithmetic and Significant Figures question types.
  2. Quizzes - Ability for teaching staff to search for sections in Question Library by section title. Teaching staff can also select multiple questions and move them all at once using the Move To menu.

CloudDeakin August Release (28/8/20)

  1. Assignments - Teaching staff who can add and edit Assignment folders can now copy existing assignments.
  2. Checklists - Teaching staff who can manage checklists can now copy existing Checklists.
  3. Classlist - Previously, enrolled users were not displayed in search results. When teaching staff enrol users, search results now include users who are currently enrolled in the site.
  4. Notifications - Previously, clicking on the link from the notification created a 404 Not Authorized error due to content that was subsequently hidden/deleted/conditionally released. Now, it states 'Item not available'.
  5. Quizzes - Ability to allow students to attach files, video and audio in their answers in Written Response question types.
  6. Quizzes - If teaching staff attempt to edit a quiz question with previous attempts, a warning message now appears to inform the staff member that editing quiz questions does not affect the content or automatically change the score of students' past attempts.
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