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Improved CloudDeakin interface (23/6/18)

The new and improved CloudDeakin interface will provide a more consistent experience for users and enable mobile capability. A cleaner layout, with crisp fonts and clear icons, improved accessibility and a better mobile experience.

What's New in CloudDeakin 10.7 MR3 Upgrade? (17/2/18)

  1. Teaching staff can post a discussion thread to all the associated groups or sections in group discussion topic.
  2. The Accessibility Checker button is now available in the HTML Editor and TinyMCE in the HTML Editor is updated to version 4.5.3.
  3. Teaching staff have the ability to set the visibility of Assignment folder.
  4. Ability for teaching staff to hide flags in the Classlist.
  5. Bug fixed – Portfolio submissions whereby the export process took a long time or ended with an error.

What's New in CloudDeakin 10.7.0 Upgrade? (24/6/17)

  1. New features and functionality for Intelligent Agents:
    • History page,
    • Practice Run,
    • Set custom values for the Name that emails come from and Reply-To address for responses,
    • 3 new replacement strings to compose email {LastLoginDate}, {LastUnitAccessDate}, {OrgUnitId}.
    • Intelligent Agents can be copied within the same unit,
    • Practice Run and Run Now options work on disabled agents.
  2. Group and section information can be exported from Grades.
  3. User Progress tool is now called Class Progress tool.
  4. Long Answer (LA) in Quizzes is now called Written Response (WR).
  5. HTML Editor - Users can now copy and paste content from MS Word document or HTML source and the content retains the look and feel of the source document.
  6. Discussions Reading View - when viewing discussion topic, the properties (availability and locking information) are now listed together, directly below the topic's name. The filtering options are now displayed in a Filter by drop-down list above individual posts to allow sorting by unread, flagged, and unapproved posts.
  7. Ability to create one discussion topic that can be filtered by groups rather than having to create separate restricted discussions topics for each group.
  8. Ability to receive email notification once students have submitted to Assignment Folder.
  9. Bug fixed - Previously, if a video was embedded into a content topic using iFrame, the full screen button did not work. Now, the full screen button works successfully when the content topic is viewed.
  10. Individual news item can be linked directly by using the Insert Quicklink in the HTML editor.
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