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CloudDeakin May Release (24/5/24)

  • Awards - When issuing certificates, staff can now use a new replacement string field, {CertificateID} when creating their certificate templates to add an automatically generated numeric ID.
  • Grades - Feedback file added by staff in Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions is now visible to students under Grades.
  • HTML Editor - The Graphical and Chemistry Equation editors used within HTML Editor are updated from WIRIS version 4.13 to version 7.23.1.
  • Manage Files - Whenever staff add (zip) or extract (unzip) one or more files to a ZIP archive in Manage Files, a new dialog confirms that files are being zipped or unzipped in the background. Once the process is complete, a notification appears in Update alerts (the bell icon).

CloudDeakin April Release (26/4/24)

  • Discussions - The attached files provided by staff are now appear in the Attached Files section for each student's discussion evaluation. Students can view attached file feedback when viewing their evaluated discussion topic.
  • Quizzes - Additional functions are now available in Quizzes and Question Library for arithmetic quiz question types. The following functions can be used for arithmetic quiz question types: ASIN, ACOS, ABS, Log2, SINH and COSH.

CloudDeakin March Release (29/3/24)

  • Quizzes - To avoid time-out failures and screen freezing, the quizzes reports now run asynchronously. When reports are ready for downloading, CloudDeakin generates a notification that staff can access from the bell icon in the navbar.
  • HTML Editor - Inserting a link into HTML Editor opens the Add Link dialog which allows users to determine if their links open in a new window (set as the default) or in the current window. The text box in the Add Link dialog also allows users to add text to their link. This provides users with a consistent workflow and control over how links respond in their content.

CloudDeakin February Release (23/2/24)

  • Question Library - The question mark (?) icon that appears next to questions in Question Library is removed to prevent visual clutter. However, the folder icon that appears in Question Library next to each section remains.
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