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CloudDeakin November Release (25/11/22)

  1. Groups/Sections -
    • The Org Unit ID is appended to the beginning of the section code whenever a section is create.
    • Teaching staff have access to the new Make category and section descriptions visible to section members option in the section, where they can add and enable a section description.
    • Students are now able to view descriptions for self enrollment type groups before they choose a group.
    • When teaching staff delete group category which has associated activities (eg Assignments and Discussions), the dialog now includes a count of how many assignments or discussions the staff is deleting.
  2. Quizzes - In Quizzing statistics, the method of calculating standard deviation from the sample standard deviation is changed to the population standard deviation.

CloudDeakin October Release (28/10/22)

  1. Grades - This update performs a one-time deletion of all unused or duplicate grade schemes, leaving only unique grade schemes. This ensures increased performance during grade scheme copies and reduces errors when attempting to access grade schemes in existing unit sites where a large number of grade schemes exist.

CloudDeakin September Release (23/9/22)

  1. Classlist - Teaching staff can now use the context menu of individual student to view enrolled groups and sections in Classlist.
  2. Quizzes - Teaching staff have the option to create quizzes with no time limit. The No Time Limit option is now the default Timing setting for new quizzes.
  3. Release Condition - To help users with more flexibility around unit design, the Release Condition Date of enrollment in current org unit now includes Use first enrollment date and Use last enrollment date.

CloudDeakin August Release (26/8/22)

  1. Assignments - The undo/redo button is now added for the annotations when evaluating in Assignments.
    In Assignments, the search filter defaulted to Show everyone for individual assignments and Show all groups for group assignments.
  2. HTML Editor - Teaching staff can now directly insert a code snippet into their content. This is done by selecting the Other Insert Options menu from the Editor toolbar, and then selecting the new Insert Code option.
    When users upload a file using Insert Stuff, a message appears indicating that the files uploaded using Insert Stuff are saved in the Manage Files area. The message also indicates that files in the Manage Files area are potentially accessible to all users enrolled in the site or to anyone who has access to the site.
  3. Intelligent Agents - On the New Agent page, in the Criteria section, all selections under Take Action on Activity are now optional.
    Also in this update, on the New Agent page, in the Criteria section, under Role in Classlist, the option All users visible in the Classlist is no longer selected by default.
  4. SVG image - Content security policy now prevent SVG image scripts from executing.
  5. Quizzes - The Disable Right Click option in quizzes under Quiz Setup is removed from Quizzes.
    Teaching staff can now restore deleted quizzes. This option appears in the More Actions menu in the Quizzes tool.
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