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CloudDeakin May Release (28/5/21)

  1. Assignment - Annotations is now available for TXT file-based assignments submissions. Within the Annotation tool, teaching staff can use the menu to download the original file without navigating to the submission list.
  2. Attendance - Teaching staff has the ability to modify the visibility of attendance registers in bulk. The system now prevent teaching staff from changing a scheme in an attendance register once session information has been added to it.
  3. Rubrics - To improve the value of Rubrics and facilitate reusing rubric criteria that have already been created, an action menu next to the criterion name provides Copy and Delete options.
  4. Rubrics - Users can now print and download a PDF version of a rubric.

CloudDeakin April Release (23/4/21)

  1. Accommodations - The following improvements have been made in the Classlist and User Progress tools:
    • An icon now appears next to the student’s name in the Classlist to indicate that the student has an accommodation. Teaching staff can filter the Classlist by Accommodations.
    • The accommodations icon now appears in the User Progress tool alongside the Quizzes if the student has a quiz accommodation in that site.
  2. Classlist - When enrolling users in a site, teaching staff can now deselect the Include users already enrolled in org unit check box to set their search filter to filter out users already enrolled in the site.
  3. Content - Now, the URL Content type has the Open as External Resource check box selected by default.
  4. Quizzes - Teaching staff can now grant students special access in terms of quiz time multipliers (for example, 1.5x quiz time) or +minutes (for example, an additional 30 minutes).
  5. Quizzes - Teaching staff will no longer able to add JavaScript or non-standard HTML to questions in Quizzes.
  6. Rubrics - To increase the value of Rubrics in CloudDeakin, there have been accessibility improvements to the rubric creation and evaluation workflows.

CloudDeakin March Release (26/3/21)

  1. Assignment - When teaching staff copy an assignment, the copied assignment is set to inactive and directed to the Edit Assignment screen to continue editing it as part of the copy assignments workflow.
  2. Browser - Following the January release, CloudDeakin no longer support the legacy Microsoft Edge.
  3. Calendar - To improve the ease of use for users using the date and time picker in CloudDeakin, there have been updates to the web components related to date and time selection. These changes are intended to provide better usability for keyboard users and better integration with assistive technology.
  4. Quizzes - Now, the copy functionality is available on the individual quiz drop-down menu. When teaching staff copy a quiz, the copied quiz is set to inactive (as per the original copy quiz workflow) and directed to the Edit Quiz screen to continue editing it. Now, the copy quiz workflow also copies over Special Access settings.
  5. Rubrics - To increase the value of Rubrics in CloudDeakin, there have been accessibility improvements to the rubric creation workflow.

CloudDeakin February Release (26/2/21)

  1. Quizzes - Teaching staff can grant students accommodations through the Classlist tool. Once granted, these accommodations apply to all quiz activities in a site for that student.
  2. Rubrics - If teaching staff attempted to publish a partially completed rubric evaluation, the partial evaluation dialog appeared, now the default button behavior has changed so that tapping Enter on the page returns to the rubric to complete the evaluation.
  3. User Profile - Users can no longer upload SVG images in the User Profile due to security concerns.

CloudDeakin January Release (29/1/21)

  1. Browser - CloudDeakin now displays warnings (Your browser is looking a little retro) for browsers earlier than the following versions:
    • Google® Chrome™ 85 (released Aug 2020)
    • Apple® Safari® 13 (released in September 2019)
    • Mobile Apple Safari 12 (released in October 2018)
    • Mozilla® Firefox® 80 (released August 2020)
    • Chromium-based Microsoft® Edge 85 (released August 2020)
    • All versions of Microsoft Edge Legacy (in preparation for Microsoft’s end-of-support in March 2021)

    We strongly recommend that all users access CloudDeakin with a supported browser.

  2. Quizzes - Written Response quiz questions that allow for file upload can now be imported and exported.
  3. Quizzes - In Roles & Permission, Edit Quiz Properties permission now controls the availability of the Retake Incorrect Questions Only setting on the Assessment tab.

CloudDeakin December Release (23/12/20)

  1. Quizzes - This release streamlines the interface for creating multi-select questions, making the workflow simpler and more intuitive. A new grading type is available in the classic and new multi-select question experience: Correct Answers, Limited Selections. For this grading type, points are evenly distributed across correct answers only.
  2. Quizzes - Teaching staff can now identify a Retaken Attempt while grading a quiz in the Quizzes tool on the User tab and the Attempts tab.

CloudDeakin November Release (27/11/20)

  1. Classlist - A new Search Type drop-down menu under the advanced search area which improve search results and speed of searching.
  2. Content - Additional statistics is now available to teaching staff.
  3. Grades - Manage Grades now includes total points for grade categories and Final Calculated Grade.
  4. Quizzes - A new feature called Retake Incorrect Questions Only is available to teaching staff under Quizzes Attempt settings. This option allows students to only retake their incorrectly answered questions from previous quiz attempts.
  5. Quizzes - A new Preview button is now available to teaching staff when adding/editing quiz questions.
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