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What's New in CloudDeakin 10.6 Upgrade?

Depending on the role you've been assigned, not all features are available to all users.

  1. News
    • Unit Chair has the ability to restore deleted news item.
  2. Release Conditions
    • Unit Chair can now use the NOT operator:
      • Not completed checklist, checklist item
      • Not achieved competency, learning objective
      • Not visited content topic
      • Not threads added/replies to topic/forum
      • Not submitted assignment
      • Not grade item
      • Not completed quizzes
      • Not completed survey
  3. Resources
    • Viewing PDF document – Documents no longer converted to images, users can now search on PDF, text selection and use hyperlinks.
    • Unit Chair has the option to be prompted to choose a folder when dragging and dropping files to Resources.
  4. Assignments
    • Ability to track submissions.
    • Submission Log
  5. Groups
    • When creating groups, Unit Chair has the ability to set the Group Prefix, set the self enrollment expiry date and ability to auto-allocate unenrolled users after self enrollment expiry date.
      Creating self enrolment groups
    • Ability for students to leave group after self enrolled into groups.
  6. Quizzes
    • Ability to set multiple IP address and preview random questions when setting up quizzes.
    • Standard deviation, discrimination index and point biserial per question are now available under Question Stats and Question Details tabs for non-random questions.
    • Unit Chair can export event log of quiz attempts.
    • Quiz timer (available to students when taking quizzes):
      • If a quiz is set for more than an hour long, the clock flashes when there are 10 minutes remaining.
      • If quiz is set for less than an hour long, the clock flashes when there are 5 minutes remaining.
      • Regardless of timer, clock flashes when there is 1 minute remaining.
  7. Icons
    • New set of icons released by D2L.
  8. My Sites Widget
    • Previously, Unit Chair, Lecturer, Marking Tutor, Tutor, Marker and External Marker were displayed as Staff role under My Site Widget. In 10.6, it displays role that you’re enrolled in Classlist.
      My Sites Widget
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