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CloudDeakin August Release (25/8/23)

  1. Quizzes -
    • A new create and edit experience for Quizzes. The redesigned create and edit screen in Quizzes has the same layout as Assignments, making it familiar and easy to learn.
    • This release also updates the Quiz creation experience for staff by simplifying the quiz timing setup workflow, adding useful new features, including the ability to auto-submit, and removing obsolete quiz timing options.
    • The new addition of synchronous quizzes enables teaching staff to set up a quiz where the quiz timer starts on the start date for all students rather than when the student launches the quiz (asynchronous). The quiz timer then ends for all students at the same time. See Quizzes guide for more details.
  2. Rubrics - To provide a more complete context for student evaluation, rubric pop-outs now provide activity details including activity title, site name, student name, and evaluator name.
  3. Class Progress - Class Progress to better align the login date and the absent period. When viewing data for Site Access, Login History, and System Access History, the absent period now correlates to the login date on the same line.

CloudDeakin July Release (28/7/23)

  1. Assignments - Teaching staff can now download a submitted file which has no filename.
  2. Browser - The minimum supported browser versions are: Chrome 112+, Edge 112+, Safari 16+, and Firefox 112+. For an optimal experience that offers better performance, accessibility, and security, we recommend that all users access CloudDeakin with the latest version of their supported browser.
  3. Discussion - Availability dates in the Discussions list are now displayed as a simple date range below the titles of discussion topics. Hovering over the date range text displays a tooltip that includes the information about start and end dates. Tooltips also include applied settings to explain how the discussion topic appears to students before and after these dates.
  4. HTML Editor - Images edited within HTML Editor are saved with their original names followed by a date-time string.

CloudDeakin June Release (23/6/23)

  1. Assignments - The Rubrics Confirmation dialog box heading now says Unscored Rubric Criteria in place of Confirmation, to improve the workflow clarity for all users. The text in this dialog is fully accessible to screen readers.
  2. Quizzes - Staff can now use the Load More button on the initial page load if a quiz has more than 200 questions, sections, and question pools. Besides, staff can now select multiple items and use drag and drop to rearrange the question list.

CloudDeakin May Release (26/5/23)

  1. Awards - Staff can now specify what a student must do to achieve a particular award. This feature complements the use of evidence for awards by adding the new required Criteria field to the Awards tool.

CloudDeakin April Release (28/4/23)

  1. Quizzes - This feature introduces a confirmation dialog to students closing in-progress quizzes. The dialog is context-based, providing additional information about the impact of exiting the quiz (such as whether a student will be able to return to their quiz after exiting).
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