Higher degree by research pre-departure centres

If you’re an Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) scholarship applicant, you have the opportunity to enrol at one of our two higher degree by research (HDR) pre-departure centres in Indonesia for a 10-week intensive language, research and cultural program.


Receive an unconditional letter of offer

Students who successfully complete the 10-week pre-departure program and have achieved their doctoral program’s entry-level standard will receive an unconditional letter of offer. This letter guarantees entry into your chosen doctoral program at Deakin.

High success rate for DIKTI scholarships

In addition to the unconditional letter of offer, Deakin’s pre-departure program has been favourably acknowledged and supported by DIKTI. Previous HDR pre-departure centre graduates have been highly successful in receiving DIKTI scholarships.

What is a DIKTI scholarship?

The Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) scholarship was established to encourage Indonesian lecturers to earn a higher degree by research qualification from an overseas institution. Deakin is proud to participate in the DIKTI scholarship program for doctoral (PhD) students.

Where our centres are located

Deakin has collaborated with local Indonesian universities to establish our two pre-departure centres. The first is at Universitas Andalas (Unand) in Padang, West Sumatra. It acts as a hub for all universities on the island of Sumatra. 

The second is at Universitas Tadulako (Untad) in Palu, Central Sulawesi. It brings together a 22-member consortium of Eastern Indonesian universities (CEISU).

Locations of the 22 CEISU universities

The 10 week program was designed by Deakin to provide prospective doctoral students with support in preparing scholarship applications. It also helps you plan for your new academic life at an Australian university.

The pre-departure program is made up of:

  • intensive English, academic and research training
  • cultural preparation 
  • refining of research proposals to align with Deakin’s areas of supervision.

The pre-departure program in more detail:

Week 1–2 English language intensive (DUELI)

Initial English language proficiency test and a personal program for advancement is set.

Weeks 3–4 Academic study

A series of online activities aimed at developing academic study skills such as:

  • engaging with research literature
  • writing a literature review
  • writing research questions.

Week 5–6 Academic writing workshop (Deakin academic)

A series of activities and presentations aimed at building academic writing knowledge and research skills. Receive targeted support with reviewing and revising research proposals, specifically:

  • writing a research abstract
  • constructing a research argument
  • preparing a research proposal.

Week 7–9 Cultural induction (self-paced, online, local tuition)

Preparation for studying at a western university. Areas to be covered include supervision, colloquium, data collection and analysis and examination. Issues related to ethics and plagiarism will also be discussed, as well as:

  • preparing for candidature at Deakin
  • understanding the doctoral process
  • preparing a research proposal.

Week 10 English language test/Preparing a PhD application (Deakin)

English language re-testing. Support with preparing and reviewing PhD applications and applications to DIKTI and other scholarship providers.

Entry requirements

Pre-departure centres accept up to 20 potential HDR candidates in each intake. Students must:

  • be at or near (within 0.5) the English language requirement of the doctoral program they wish to enter
  • have appropriate research training in pathway programs (master’s/honours)
  • propose a field of inquiry that Deakin has the ability to supervise.

Find out more about how to apply for a research degree

What does the program cost?

The Deakin DIKTI scholarship pre-departure program is free. There is no cost, but all candidates are expected to remain in the program throughout the entire 10 weeks. 

You will however be responsible for your own travel and accommodation costs. Your university may be able to assist you with these expenses.

Pre-departure program dates

Universitas Andalas
Padang (West Indonesia)
Universitas Hasanuddin
Makassar (East Indonesia)
Program one: mid-February Program one: mid-February
Program two: mid-July Program two: mid-July

How to apply

Contact us

If you’d like more information about Deakin’s HDR pre-departure centres, please contact us.

Research Services, Faculty of Arts and Education

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