Deakin Residential Services Awards

Deakin Residential Services loves to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our residents, and building upon the success of previous years, a number of prestigious awards will be presented to academic high achievers, Residential Leaders, and those who have made significant contributions to the residential community across our multiple campuses in 2019.

The DRS Student Experience Awards will be held on Thursday 19 September, 2019. Attendance at this event is by invitation only – invitations will be sent in August 2019.

The following Deakin Residential Services Awards were on offer in 2019:

Academic Achievement Community Contribution Student Experience
  • Arts and Education
  • Busines and Law
  • Health
  • Science, Engineering and Built Environment
  • Leadership
  • Community Development
  • International Student Contribution
  • Sportsperson of the year
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Academic
  • Leadership
  • Social and Community
  • Arts and Culture


Eligibility and nomination processes vary for each award.

Community Contribution Awards (excluding RESPECT) – Residents must log on to and complete a nomination form. All nominations require a 100 - 300 word supporting explanation.

Student Experience Awards – Campus Life staff nominate Residential Leaders who have organised an innovative event, activity or campaign in 2019.

Academic Awards - all residents are automatically eligible for these awards on the basis of their reported results

RESPECT Award – Campuses will each seek nominations from Residential Leaders on a monthly basis (March – August) of residents who have exemplified our RESPECT Values.

Any student who is nominated for a Student Experience or Community Contribution Award (including RESPECT award) will be advised of their nomination and informed that they have the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination. If they accept, they will be advised that they will be given the opportunity to provide further information to support their nomination in July (see attachments).

Nominations for awards are open from 4 February - 29 July 2019. The judging panel for all awards will consist of senior members of the Deakin Residential Services staffing team.


DRS and Deakin staff, Residential Leaders, and high achieving residents came together in September this year to celebrate our inaugural DRS Student Experience Awards at Brougham House, Waterfront Campus. Three awards categories were presented on the afternoon by special guests Kean Selway (Chief Operating Officer), Kerrie Parker (Chief Financial Officer), and Lauren Hustwaite (DUSA President), recognising academic high achievers, Residential Leaders, and those who had made significant contributions to the residential community across our multiple campuses.

Congratulations to all of our award recipients, and particularly our Burwood and Warrnambool cohort, who made the journey to our new Waterfront residence for the event.


2018 Academic Achievement Award Winners

Pictured: Award winners Madelyn and Emily

Business and Law

Madelyn Rothe (Waterfront)

Madelyn Rothe studies Law/Commerce and demonstrates an excellent work ethic and commitment to her academic pursuits. She is also the first to help others to achieve success.

Arts and Education

Emily Barnett (Waurn Ponds)

Moving from Tasmania to commence her degree here at Deakin, Emily has been a wonderful asset to the Waurn Ponds community this year and has excelled in her studies, achieving the highest overall scores of any Geelong Resident. Emily is studying Primary Teaching and is passionate about health and wellbeing and educating the next generation.


Jack Kavagnah (Waurn Ponds)

Currently studying health sciences, Jack is hoping to transfer into Optometry as he has become passionate about such whilst studying his current more generalised degree. Jack has flourished on Residences this year and is excited to diversify his qualifications in 2019.

Science, Engineering and Built Environment

Michael Dean Tang Pong (Burwood)

Dean is one of our international students from Mauritius. He studies Computer Science and in T1 received the highest weighted average mark achieved by our residential population.


Our second category of awards are for those residents who have been nominated by their peers or by members of our DRS staffing team for their contribution to the residential community this year.

2018 Sportsperson of the Year Award Winners

Pictured: Award winners Hunter and Sarah


Hunter Rubino (Burwood)

Hunter moved interstate this year to attend Deakin, but has continued to train and compete as a professional athlete. Such involvement has required Hunter to balance his studies and training (10 sessions and an average 80k of running per week), and even with all this on his plate, he has still played an active role on his floor and in the residential community. In doing so. Hunter also passionately encourages, motivates and inspires other residents to engage in sports and physical activity.

Sarah Stenhouse (Burwood)

Sarah is an active contributor to a vast range of sporting opportunities (soccer, netball and AFL) on residence, the wider university and broader community. For two years in a row Sarah has taken part in the Deakin University games and this year has additionally undertaken the role of team manager. Sarah demonstrates exceptional leadership and sportsmanship qualities, always encouraging residents to step outside of their comfort zone in a safe manner to try new sports, regardless of their experience, background or ability.

2018 Leadership Award Winners

Pictured: Award winners Carina, Mia and Ben


Carina Mammone (Burwood)

Carina was nominated not once, but four times, by her peers for this Leadership Award. Carina is as an incredibly active member of the residential community and beyond, always on hand to help with activities, events or campaigns, particularly in relation to sustainability, social justice and community development. Such involvement has included support and promotion of the Res Sleep Out, Deakin Community Garden and Earth Hour. Carina’s passion for a sustainable future and the residential community makes her an ideal recipient of our Leadership Award this year. Congratulations Carina.

Mia Pearn (Waterfront)

Mia is described as the epitome of leading by example within the Waterfront residential community. She has shown exceptional leadership skills through her interactions with fellow residents, going above and beyond to ensure new residents on her floor feel welcome. Mia role models our DRS RESPECT values and sets a great example for incoming residents and aspiring student leaders.

Ben Woolcock (Warrnambool)

Our final recipient of a Leadership Awards goes to Ben Woolcock. Ben is an active member of our Warrnambool residential community and an amazing leader. Ben has a high profile in the residences, can always be counted on to participate in resi events and is always the first person to put his hand up to help out - whether it be cooking the BBQ (onions are his specialty), singing Mr Brightside at our open mic nights, or helping clean up after community dinners.

2018 Community Values Award Winners

Pictured: Award winners Lacey, Addie, James, Josh and Jack

RESPECT Community Values

James Cole (Burwood)

James is a first year student at at Burwood Campus, who this year, was nominated for going above and beyond in encouraging the residents of his floor to feel welcomed, supported and engaged. James is described as enthusiastic, approachable and inclusive – not only being an active participant in campus life himself, but also encouraging others to join in on the fun.

Josh Barrett (Burwood)

Josh is a passionate and enthusiastic member of the residential community at Burwood. During his past two years living on residence, Josh has volunteered at Open Days, charity events including making sandwiches for underprivileged children, and regularly donating blood. He has also never missed a game of Res Netball, and taken on an instructor role organising Zumba classes for his fellow residents.

Lacey Armstrong (Waurn Ponds)

Lacey was nominated by her peers for role modelling a number of our RESPECT Values within the Waurn Ponds community. She was described as always being positive and encouraging – teaching members of her unit how to crochet and Zumba, and providing a friendly and welcoming environment to all, but particularly international members of her floor.

Addie Jamieson (Waurn Ponds)

Addieson is a Residential Leader at Waurn Ponds and passionately exemplifies all of our RESPECT values within her community and beyond. She is responsive both to the needs of the residents in her area, and the directives provided by Campus Life, whilst also undertaking an additional leadership position as Vice President of the Biomedical Society. Addie further worked with the team at Waurn Ponds this year to help raise $1200 for a former resident battling cancer.

Jack Cornell (Waterfront)

Jack has been an exemplary member of the Brougham community and sets a great example for his fellow residents. He is actively involved with campus life events and always one of the first to lend a hand to staff when cleaning and packing up. Jack has made significant contribution to residences and has proved to be a resident who is making a positive difference to not only his Apartment or Floor, but to the entire Community.

Pictured Award winners: Andrew and Lauren

Community Development

Lauren Hay (Burwood)

Lauren was nominated for this award by four of her peers who could not speak highly enough in particular of her role in running Monday night Board Games. Many commented that this event would not be as successful as it continues to be without her passion, commitment and active encouragement of all to attend. In addition to this voluntary role, Lauren has supported residents in her community who have struggled with transition and health concerns, assisted with high school creative writing classes off campus, and acted as a lifeguard at her local Surf Club, amongst many other volunteer duties.

Andrew Crafter (Waurn Ponds)

Andrew is an exceptional resident, and was nominated for this award by both staff and students for his leadership and role in community development both on and off campus. Andrew is a proactive and friendly member of the residential community, encouraging his fellow residents to join together for family dinners and other activities, fostering strong bonds and friendships. Off-campus Andrew has been heavily involved in voluntary work with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, mentoring young indigenous children and helping to develop their aspirations of attending university. Andrew provides an excellent example of how our residents make a positive and extremely important and valued difference in our local communities.

Community Development

Warrnambool Musical Collective

Up to 30 residents are involved as cast and crew, with the journey commencing in March with auditions, and ongoing rehearsals, right through to final performances in August. Members of the cast and crew and incredibly encouraging and supportive, embracing all aspects of our RESPECT Values whilst forging strong community bonds. The musical collective this year is an extremely diverse but connected group who have worked hard to unite as a team, building their confidence and strengthening their resilience to reach great heights.


Our final award category is for those students who have undertaken Residential Leadership roles this year, and who have been nominated by their campuses for their exceptional role in organising or facilitating an activity, event or campaign as part of our student experience framework this year.

2018 Student Experience Award Winners

Pictured: Award winner Georgia

Health and Wellbeing

Georgia Parker (Waurn Ponds)

Our first recipient of our Student Experience Awards – in our Health and Wellbeing pillar – goes to Georgia Parker from Waurn Ponds. Georgia has been instrumental in coordinating our regular Res Sports program, one of the most successful in recent years with high levels of engagement and positive feedback. As part of this initiative, Georgia also volunteered many hours to umpire and this event would not have been as successful without her unwavering commitment and support.

James Briant (Burwood)

James has been an extremely dedicated leader this year, and was nominated across multiple award categories by his peers and staff. He has been involved extensively in the creation and organisation of a variety of events and activities to entertain and involve the Burwood residential community. He assisted with the organisation of the Res Cup – encouraging participation and engagement, organised the weekly Res netball competition, and a Trivia Night – all with the intent of enhancing community spirit.

Pictured: Award Winners Alex and Alicia

Social and Community

Alex Thomas (Burwood)

Alex is described as an exceptional Residential Leader, always going above and beyond to support other members of his community. In particular, Alex receives this award for his role in initiating and coordinated a very successful and well received fun-run and follow-up breakfast to raise money for cancer research and encourage resident wellbeing and community engagement. He has also been involved in coordinating his floor netball team and a sports day during O-Week – all in addition to his general Residential Leadership role.

Alicia Giglio (Waurn Ponds)

Alicia receives this award for her role across our social and community space, organising both our regular Res Sports event and Market Day. Alicia contributed hours of work behind the scenes in the organisation, marketing and roll out of both events, bringing large numbers of residents together as a community.

Meg Stacey (Waterfront)

Meg was instrumental in promoting and encouraging resident participation in a wide range of events throughout the year in her role as a Residential Leader. Meg was particularly passionate and enthusiastic for the Girl's night In event, which fostered a comfortable space for first year female residents to come together and build a supportive environment. Meg promoted this event across the cohort, set up the space, assisted the facilitator on the evening, and ensured all was packed up and cleaned at its conclusion.

Pictured: Award winners Joel and Jeremy

Arts and Culture

Joel Shillinglaw and Jeremy Hernon (Waurn Ponds)

Joel and Jeremy are joint winners of one of our Student Experience Awards as a result of their instrumental role in the success of ResFactor – a talent show at the Waurn Ponds Campus. This event was once again our most successful Arts and Culture event of the year with more than 300 residents in attendance (an increase from 200 last year). Joel and Jeremy both sacrificed much of their personal time to assist with the filming of trailers for the event, as well as assisting with preparation for the night.

Pictured: Award winners Jordyn and Rebecca


Jordyn Becker (Burwood)

Jordyn recieves this award for the key role he played in oranising the well received Money Line fundraiser, alongside one of our other Res Leaders, Danielle Newham. The Money Line concept is designed to encourage donations, by collecting spare coins and lining them up to see which floor has the longest line. Whilst MB Level 7 took out the title, over $500 was donated to Breast Cancer Australia – a worthy cause and a great result!

Rebecca Morris (Waurn Ponds)

Rebecca receives this award for her leadership throughout DRS, but in particular she was pivotal to the success of our Open Mic Night. Rebecca was the first resident to step up to the microphone, encouraging others to do the same. The leadership which Rebecca showed towards her fellow peers, as well as part of thi event makes her a worthy recipient of this award


D’Arcy Hamilton (Waurn Ponds)

D’Arcy is described as a responsible and empathetic leader within the residential community, working hard to support other resident’s academic success. Several times this year, D’Arcy has organise study sessions to help residents who may be struggling with their course or assignments, and also acted as a mentor in the wider university community. D’Arcy puts in extra effort to connect with his residents and always leads by example.

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