Centre for Sport Research

The Centre for Sport Research focuses on improving the health and performance of people and organisations participating in sports.

CSR’s program of research is built on a foundation of industry and community partnerships, as well as sport and exercise science services.

Our research focus

‘Healthy sport, healthy organisations, healthy community’

We aim to promote sport and exercise to create healthy communities, as well as build the capabilities of sport organisations in sport governance, management and marketing to support more participation in sport.

Our research questions typically come from problems identified by policymakers and those directly involved in sport – from athletes and coaches to volunteers and managers. 

The broader goal of the centre is to publish high-quality research that will inform policy and influence the work of other researchers, practitioners and professionals working in exercise and sport science, sport development and sport management.


Our research findings impact the range of organisations we work with, including:

  • national and international sporting organisations
  • institutes of sport
  • sports academies
  • professional and community sporting clubs
  • commercial organisations.

Research topics

Over the next three years, we will be researching: 

  • women in sport
  • sports injury prevention, training and rehabilitation
  • sport as a vehicle to promote mentally healthy communities
  • the development of community-orientated practices by sport organisations
  • transforming sport in India.

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Staff expertise 

One of CSR's strengths is our multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary approach to sport research, with staff expertise in:

  • biomechanics
  • clinical exercise physiology
  • coaching
  • consumer behaviour
  • corporate social responsibility
  • data analytics
  • engineering
  • governance
  • marketing
  • physiology
  • physiotherapy
  • psychology
  • social media
  • sponsorship
  • sport science
  • sports nutrition 
  • strategy.

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Our capabilities lie in:

  • athlete monitoring and performance management
  • sport data analytics and prediction
  • performance and game analysis
  • prediction and prevention of injury
  • 3D gait analysis
  • wearable technologies (validation and application)
  • the (adolescent) athlete pathway
  • women in sport
  • wellbeing and mental health of sport participants
  • sport strategy, management and governance
  • sport marketing
  • social responsibility
  • sustainability in sport.

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