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Work break reminder

Taking regular rest breaks is an effective way of reducing the risk of overuse injuries associated with computer work. A rest break gives your body the opportunity to relax. It can be even better if you use the opportunity for some light exercise such as a walk around the office. Where continual keying is involved a break of 10 minutes in every hour is recommended.

Setting up the Work break reminder

The 'Remind Me' program (431 KB) can be downloaded onto your computer and set up to remind you to take breaks.

Save the program under D:\UserData. Open the folder and either:

  • Right click on the exe file and select [Pin to the Task Bar]. It now can be started whenever you want


  • Right click on the exe file and select [Create Shortcut]. Then the shortcut can be dragged to the [start button], then [all programs], then the [start up] folder. Alternatively you can cut and paste into the [start up] folder. The next time you start Windows, the program will run automatically.

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18th October 2013