Studying at TAFE is a great way to get into your dream course at Deakin.

How it works

Say you'd love to get into Deakin's Bachelor of Arts, but unfortunately you don't meet the requirements for getting in. Don't worry! Another option is to complete a diploma at TAFE in an area related to arts. For example, you could spend a year studying a Diploma of Graphic Design at your local TAFE. Then, you'd begin your journey into Deakin's Bachelor of Arts and receive credit towards your degree. Easy!

Benefits of TAFE pathways

  • Two qualifications – completing a TAFE course before studying at Deakin means that you'll come out of your degree with two qualifications – one from TAFE and one from Deakin. This not only adds another qualification to your resume, but potential employers often find this mix of theoretical and practical knowledge attractive.
  • Make it a smooth transition – the jump from high school to university can be quite challenging for many students. TAFE offers a staged approach to learning, easing you in to study at tertiary level.
  • Flexibility – getting a TAFE qualification first helps get you working, earning and networking sooner in an area relevant to your studies. If you gain employment once you've completed your TAFE course, Deakin's flexible part-time study options allow you to work and study at the same time
  • Study locally – if you live far away from Deakin, relocating and living costs can be quite high. By spending some time studying at your local TAFE first, you can save even more money.
  • Potentially save money – if you receive 8 credit points from your TAFE course towards your Deakin degree, that's equivalent to a full year's worth of study. You could therefore save money by replacing a year at university with a year at TAFE.

Before starting your TAFE course, wouldn't you feel more comfortable and secure knowing there is a guaranteed place for you at Deakin afterwards? By studying at one of Deakin's guaranteed entry TAFE partners, you can.

As long as your study performance meets the required standard, you'll be guaranteed a place at Deakin after completing your TAFE course. You'll also benefit from substantial credit from prior learning, meaning that the work you did at TAFE will count towards your degree.

So, find your dream Deakin course below and explore the TAFEs that can get you a guaranteed place at Deakin.

Deakin–TAFE guaranteed entry partnerships

Arts, education and criminology

Commerce, management and information systems

Information technology, engineering, architecture and construction management

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Design (Architecture)

Bachelor of Design (Architecture)/Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)

Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)

Social work

How to Apply

Guaranteed Entry Applications

Guaranteed entry application forms and details of the pathways available for students from each of our partners are available at the links below:

Please note, guaranteed entry applications for Trimester 2, 2016 close on the 3rd of July.

Other applications: Credit for prior learning

Many students who have completed a diploma or advanced diploma will be eligible for credit. An indication of the level of credit your course may be eligible for is available on the credit for prior learning database. For information on the application process and closing dates, see the Apply web page. Please note that closing dates may vary for individual courses.

Keep in touch with us about pathways

If you have not yet commenced at TAFE, or if your TAFE is not listed above, you can let us know about your interest in a TAFE pathway here, and we will contact you about pathways options.

Credit for prior learning – Deakin partnerships

In addition to our guaranteed entry TAFE partners, Deakin has partnerships with many other TAFEs, offering credit for prior learning.

For more information

If you would like further information about TAFE pathways, email, or phone 1300 DEGREE (1300 334 733).