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Deakin makes a huge difference to the world in which we live. Whether it’s enabling opportunities for students who otherwise couldn’t access higher education, or driving research breakthroughs and innovations that save lives or change the future of entire communities. We take great pride in being an institution that's building our local and global social, cultural and economic wellbeing.

We invite you to join us in our mission of being Australia’s most progressive university, working hard to realise the best future for all of our communities.

Give back to the future

Give back to the future

Deakin Achieving Potential Scholarships change the future for disadvantaged students. It provides greater access to education for talented students, regardless of their background. Your generosity is their possibility.

Areas to support

Our three key priority funds are a great place to start. The Deakin Achieving Potential Fund, Deakin Early Career Researchers Fund and Student Emergency Assistance Fund is where your charitable gift can make the greatest impact.

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What is philanthropy?

What is philanthropy?

We asked some of our valued donors, talented researchers and grateful scholarship recipients what philanthropy means to them.

Make a gift in your Will

Making a gift in your Will is a wonderful and generous way to leave a lasting legacy that will enhance future students' lives and support groundbreaking research.

How to donate

The generosity of our donors is changing more lives than ever. Gifts of all types and size matter – whether it be a small cash donation, a more significant investment, or a future gift in your Will, 100% of your donation is invested in the area you choose.

The power of giving

The power of giving

Whether it's fuelling our researchers’ quest in finding long-term solutions to local and global challenges, or supporting the future ambitions of a student on scholarship – we proudly celebrate and share stories of the extraordinary generosity of our donors.

Which cause is right for you?

Which cause is right for you?

We focus our philanthropic activities on five interconnected themes – Advancing society, culture and the economy; Building safe and secure communities; Creating smarter technologies; Enabling a sustainable world; and Improving health and wellbeing. Explore where your passion for impact and change aligns with ours and how you can support what is most meaningful to you.

Join the Deakin alumni community

As a past student you'll always be part of the Deakin community, here in Australia and around the world. Stay connected and you can enjoy the many professional and personal benefits available to our alumni, including how you can make a difference for current and future Deakin students.

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Got a question or need more information? Call our team on +61 3 9244 5150 or email us to chat about how you can support Deakin and the communities we serve. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook.