Academic Information

To come to Deakin as a study abroad or exchange student, you must meet certain academic requirements and undertake a minimum unit (subject) load.

Academic entry requirements

To be eligible for Deakin University’s study abroad and exchange programs, students must

  • have completed a minimum of two trimesters of full-time study outside Australia
  • have GPA of 2.6 out of 4 (or equivalent)
  • have adequately met our English language requirements.

Credit conversion guide

One Deakin University credit point is equivalent to:

  • United States: 3–4 credits
  • United Kingdom: approximately 7.5 ECTS or 15 credits
  • Europe: approximately 7.5 ECTS

English language requirements

You will need to meet our English language requirements to study at Deakin University. 
All incoming undergraduate students are required to meet English Band A (comparable to IELTS Academic Test overall 6/ no band less than 6).
All incoming postgraduate students are required to meet English Band B (comparable to IELTS Academic Test overall 6.5/ no band less than 6).

Units from the following study areas have a higher English language requirement:

  • Creative writing
  • Education
  • Law
  • Nursing / Medicine / Occupational Therapy
  • Social work

Learn more about Deakin University’s English language requirements

If you have met the academic requirements but not the English language requirements, we can create a pathway at Deakin University’s English Language Institute (DUELI) prior to commencement of your study abroad and exchange program.

Learn more about DUELI

The classroom teaching and learning environment, and DUELI’s Independent Learning Centre have helped me become more confident in my use of English and prepared me well for my study abroad program.

Suzuka Fujii

Kyoto Notre Dame University, Japan

Academic structure

Study abroad and exchange students are required to take a full-time study load of three to four Deakin credits per trimester, however, virtual study abroad and exchange students are exempt from this rule. Most units have a weighting of one credit point.

Unit codes contain a number according to their level.

  • Undergraduate units are levels 1, 2 and 3. For example, AIS101 is a first-year unit, MAE203 is a second-year unit, and so on.
  • Honours units are level 4. For example, AIX499 is an honours unit.
  • Postgraduate units are level 7. For example, HPS774 is a postgraduate unit.

Tip: The first three letters of a unit code relate to its discipline of study, so when searching the handbook it might be useful to search by using the letters noted below.


Study area 


Creative arts/film/communication/design/animation (communications and creative arts)


Language/history/cultural studies/international studies (humanities)




Health, nursing, social work, psychology (health)


Business, commerce, management, finance




Science, environmental science, engineering


Architecture, construction

Unit selection

You can choose units across different disciplines. However, please note that not all courses are offered at all campuses. Study abroad and exchange students are not permitted to study the following:

  • Optometry (units coded HMO)
  • Medicine / Medical Imaging (units coded HME and HMI)
  • Nursing (except VIA Denmark nursing students) and midwifery
  • Units with placements
  • Most units with a work-integrated learning component
  • Law units without prior studies at a law school

Deakin Handbook

See Deakin Handbook for information about campuses and course offerings.

Pre-approved units

Deakin has a great range of pre-approved study options available. These have no prerequisites, meaning your application is processed faster. You are welcome to either design your own study plan or take one of our recommended study options. If you select units that are not pre-approved, your request will be sent to the relevant faculty along with your academic transcript for approval to study that unit.

Streamlined packages

Fast-track your application process by studying a streamlined pre-packaged offering. You can either design your own study plan or pick from our recommended offerings.

Virtual study abroad and exchange online units

Gain credit towards your home degree and a global perspective through our online offerings.

Need to share the unit guide with your home university?

Find it and download it from our archives

My time here has been one of personal growth. Deakin’s academic rigor has challenged me to grow as a student. The diversity of students and staff on campus afforded me a deeper cultural understanding of Australia and the world.

Keegan O’Connell

University of South Carolina, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am an exchange student enrolled at a partner university, how many units should I enrol in at Deakin?

At Deakin, 1 unit (subject) = 1 credit point generally. If you are an on-campus exchange student (course code X009), you must enrol in a minimum of 3 credit points or a maximum of 4 credit points per trimester. If you are a virtual exchange student, you must enrol in a minimum of 1 credit point.

If I am a fee-paying study abroad student enrolled at a partner university, how many units should I enrol in at Deakin?

At Deakin, 1 unit (subject) = 1 credit point generally. Students enrolling in course code X053 must enrol into 4 credit points. Students enrolling in course code X055 must enrol into 3 credit points. If you are virtual study abroad student, you can choose to study 1, 2, 3 or 4 credit points online.

Can I study units online while enrolled on campus?

Yes, you can. You can take a maximum of 1 credit point in online mode however the remainder of your study load needs to be on campus. You will still need to enrol in the required number of units.

How do I find out more information about a particular unit?

You can find out more information about a unit such as a brief unit description, contact hours, prerequisites, credit value, enrolment period (e.g. start in T1, T2 or T3) and at which campus the unit is offered. All you need to do is type in the unit code into the Deakin Handbook.

I need some help with the Deakin terminology, where do I go?

You can learn more about Deakin terminology on the Glossary.

Can I change units after I have received an offer letter?

Yes. You will need to complete and email your enrolment variation form along with approval from your home university to us.

How do I obtain my academic transcript from Deakin upon completion of my program?

Upon completion of your program, you will receive access to your academic transcript via My eQuals. My eQuals allows you to access your transcript anytime, from anywhere in the world. With My eQuals, your transcript is safely stored online and protected using banking-level security. You can also grant access to your home university to view your academic transcript through this platform.