Academic information

To come to Deakin as a study abroad or exchange student, you must meet certain academic requirements and undertake a minimum unit (subject) load.

Academic entry requirements

To be eligible for entry into a trimester long exchange program, students must have completed a minimum of two trimesters of full-time study outside Australia with a GPA of 2.6 out of 4 (or equivalent).

Credit conversion guide

One Deakin University credit point is equivalent to:

  • United States: 3–4 credits 
  • United Kingdom: approximately 7.5 ECTS or 15 credits
  • Europe: approximately 7.5 ECTS.

English language requirement

You will need to meet our English language requirements to study at Deakin University. 
All incoming undergraduate students are required to meet English Band A.
All incoming postgraduate students are required to meet English Band B.

Units from the following study areas have a higher English Requirement –
·         Creative Writing
·         Education
·         Law
·         Nursing
·         Social Work
For more information click on the link below.

View Deakin University's English language requirements

Academic structure

Study Abroad students are required to take a full-time load of three to four Deakin credits per trimester. Most units have a weighting of one credit point.

Unit codes contain a number according to their level e.g. AIS101 is a first-year unit, AIS202 is a second-year unit and so on.

Tip: The first three letters of a unit code relate to its discipline of study, so when searching the handbook it might be useful to search by using the letters noted below.

Code Study area
AC Creative Arts/Film/Communication/Design/Animation (Communications and Creative arts)
AI Language/History/Cultural studies/International studies (Humanities)
EC Education
EE, ES, HB, HM, HN, HP, HS Health, Nursing, Social work, Psychology (Health)
MA, MI, MM, MW, MP Business, Commerce, Management, Finance
ML Law
SI/SL/ES/SE Science, Environmental science, Engineering
SR Architecture, Construction

Please note that not all courses are offered at all campuses. See for information about campuses and course offerings. Study abroad and exchange students are not permitted to study the following:

  • Optometry
  • Medicine
  • Nursing (except for VIA Denmark Nursing Students) and Midwifery
  • Units with placements
  • Most units with a work-integrated-learning component
  • Law units without prior studies at a law school.

Pre-approved study options

Deakin has a great range of pre-approved study options available. These have no prerequisites, meaning your application is processed faster. You’re welcome to either design your own study plan or take one of our recommended study options.

Read the pre-approved study options

Internships at Deakin

Both the Faculty of Arts and Education and the Faculty of Business and Law offer internships to current students, subject to some criteria. These include internships based outside of Victoria and Australia.

Arts and education

The Faculty of Arts and Education offers current students internship opportunities, so long as they’ve met certain criteria. This includes first completing at least one trimester of study at Deakin, and having at least 12 credit points in your studies.

Business and law 

The Faculty of Business and Law also has internship opportunities available for students who meet certain criteria. As well as first completing at least one trimester of study at Deakin, and having at least 12 credit points in your studies you're required to:

  • source your own internship opportunity (host organisation)
  • not enrol in an internship unit until your application to undertake the internship has been approved.

Exchange students who complete two or more trimesters at Deakin and who meet the above criteria may also be able to participate in the faculty’s work-integrated learning program (workplace learning).

Find out more about the work-integrated learning program