Overseas study

Progressive, real-world learning

Broaden your horizons as well as your career prospects. Choose to study abroad for a trimester, go on an international study tour for a couple of weeks, take on an overseas internship or volunteer on the other side of the world.

Spend a trimester abroad

Curious about university life overseas? Spend one or two trimesters studying abroad! It's an excellent way to fully immerse yourself in another culture while working your way towards becoming a Deakin graduate. Plus, you'll earn credit towards your degree without adding any time to your course.

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Find financial assistance to get you there

There are lots of ways to fund your overseas experience with Deakin. Some programs may have one or more funding opportunities and can vary between $1000 and $8000.

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Spend a few weeks overseas

You can do a lot in just a few weeks overseas; help a developing community, study your favourite subject at a partner university, or take on an internship at an international workplace.

Faculty-led study programs (2–3 weeks)

These popular study tours are led by Deakin academics and staff. Running for two to three weeks, the intensive programs give you the opportunity to combine study and cultural immersion while gaining credit towards your degree.

Short-term partner programs (2–6 weeks)

This is a fantastic way to fast-track your degree. Offered by our partner universities or approved hosts, the programs run for two to six weeks during Trimester 3 (November–February) and the June/July break.

Global Experiential Learning program (2–4 weeks)

Deakin’s Global Experiential Learning (GEL) program takes your education outside the classroom and combines real-world experience with adventures abroad. GEL has three different programs:

  1. Work-integrated learning: get invaluable professional experience on an international internship.
  2. Social impact programs: work in community development, health promotion or environmental justice.
  3. High achiever series: selective research opportunities and prominent internships abroad.

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I can honestly say that my study abroad experience was an absolute dream. I travelled to 13 countries and visited over 23 cities. During that time I grew in ways I didn't think possible.

Kayla LaManna

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws | Trimester exchange at the University of Leeds

Join our Global Citizenship Program

Deakin’s Global Citizenship Program is designed to enhance your cultural intelligence and strengthen your sense of community with inclusive leadership skills. The Global Citizenship Award and digital credentials are awarded to students who have undertaken activities to increase their knowledge, skills and experience within a global context.

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