Research focus

The sustainable, progressive society of the future will be underpinned by the smart technologies built today. We’re creating human-centred technologies that improve people’s lives, while playing a key role in Australia’s economic future.

Our research aligns creative problem solving and productivity to deliver progress against real business problems. We’re helping governments navigate increasingly sophisticated applications of emerging technology. One solution at a time, hand in hand with our partners, we’re building a future where technology works for people, helping local and global communities live safer, happier lives.

Designing smarter technologies

Designing smarter technologies

Our impact

Find out how our researchers are creating sustainable and ethical technologies to change our future for the better.

Kickstarting next-generation battery production in Australia

Deakin researchers, in collaboration with technology company Calix, are making swift progress towards producing cheaper, more efficient, environmentally-sound batteries right here in Australia.

Monitoring advertising to improve children’s health

Deakin’s world-first research tool will monitor children’s exposure to, and engagement with, junk food, alcohol and tobacco advertising.

Artificial intelligence providing faster and more personalised mental health treatment

Drawing on the power of artificial intelligence, Deakin researchers are pioneering a world-first approach to mental health treatment.

Featured researchers and leaders

Our world-class research teams are led by true innovators and experts in their fields. Discover what drives our researchers and what they hope to accomplish going forward.

Professor Kon Mouzakis

Co-Director, Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute  (A²I²)

Professor Matthew Barnett

Director, Institute for Frontier Materials

Alfred Deakin Professor Svetha Venkatesh

Co-Director, The Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²)

Maria Forsyth

Alfred Deakin Professor, Institute for Frontier Materials

Featured institute

Featured institute

Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A²I²)

Led by passionate researchers across engineering, science and medical fields, A²I² develops transformative artificial intelligence solutions for a range of industries, from defence and education, to health and manufacturing. The institute’s researchers are pioneers in machine learning, deep learning and pattern recognition, putting A²I² in a strong position to explore new frontiers in AI.

Faculty research

In addition to our institutes and research centres, Deakin’s four faculties contribute to research that’s creating smarter technologies. Importantly, researchers within each faculty work together, fostering a collaborative approach to research that unlocks new angles, solutions and ways of thinking.

Visit each of our faculty pages to learn more about the projects, institutes and world-class researchers connected to each faculty.

Find out more about Deakin's research in creating smarter technologies

Featured facility

Featured facility

Robotics and Internet of Things (RIoT) Lab

If you’re interested in what the future of robotics, cyber-physical systems and smart devices looks like, RIoT is your ultimate destination. Featuring Nao humanoid robots (and specially engineered robot arenas), m3pi rovers, professional software and simulators, 3D printers and so much more, RIoT is where creativity, ideas and inspiration come to life.

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