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The Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) contributes to the research and development of robotics, haptics and human machine interfaces.


IISRI's engineering and IT researchers provide robotics, simulation modelling and haptics solutions to clients such as the aerospace, automotive, rail, defence, security, logistics and health industries.

We have more than 80 researchers who use their multidisciplinary skills to provide practical solutions to real world problems and develop commercial-ready products and services. As a result, IISRI has been successful in the delivery of numerous industry-based research projects with major national and international organisations.

IISRI delivers high-fidelity motion simulators

IISRI delivers high-fidelity motion simulators

IISRI’s advanced MCAs allow the unique Universal Motion Simulators to replicate a range of high-fidelity maneuvers for land, air, and sea vehicles.

Monitoring advertising to improve children’s health

Monitoring advertising to improve children’s health

Deakin’s world-first research tool will monitor children’s exposure to, and engagement with, junk food, alcohol and tobacco advertising.

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Recent achievements

Learn more about our accomplishments and the awards earned by our leading researchers.

Deakin opens new defence secret-rated facility

A new research building will establish Deakin as the first university in Australia equipped to handle zone 4 classified, secret-rated defence research.

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IISRI awarded innovation award with high commendations at Avalon Airshow 2019

Deakin University has received the Avalon 2019 Innovation Award for Training for developing the Universal Motion Simulator (UMS) haptically enabled motion platform.

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Professor Saeid Nahavandi receives IEEE meritorious award

Professor Saeid Nahavandi has received the IEEE meritorious award from SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS Society (IEEE SMCS) at the Annual SMC conference held in Bari, Italy.

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Advanced Aerial Mobility and eVTOL aircraft in Australia: Promise and Challenges

IISRI broucher

Deakin University has released a white paper that evaluates the opportunities and next steps for Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM) in Australia, focusing on electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft in the passenger and freight context.


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Australia’s first human ready high-G centrifuge

IISRI has created the first high-G centrifuge in Australia and is now moving towards making it human ready. The system in its  entirety was designed, built and tested in Australia by local talents and puts Australia right at the forefront of aviation and space training technologies.

Visual fatigue assessment in VR via ocular biomechanics modelling

With the rapid development of VR technologies and the growth of VR applications that touch different aspects of our lives, it became essential to assess visual fatigue during a VR experience.

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