How do we create resilient, vibrant and inclusive communities?

Our multidisciplinary research takes a contemporary approach to education, the arts and business to create a brighter and more inclusive future for everyone. We reflect on the past, integrating First Nations knowledges and cultural histories, to drive positive change in society and culture.

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Cultural heritage and identity

Our researchers from the Alfred Deakin Institute measure the destruction of historically significant sites in Iraq and Syria to better understand the connection between cultural heritage and identity in the Middle East, from the perspective of residents.

Regional and rural news

Our researchers from the School of Communication and Creative Arts have partnered with the ABC to explore new ways to support a sustainable news industry in regional and rural areas and ensure the future of high-quality local journalism.

See how we’re advancing society and culture

At Deakin, we’re interested in how people learn, work and play, supporting communities across the world to be resilient, vibrant and inclusive.

See how we’re advancing society and culture

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Delivering equitable and sustainable change in society

Delivering equitable and sustainable change in society

The Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation is one of the world’s largest and most influential social sciences and humanities research institutes, committed to addressing the significant challenges of our time. The Institute’s research focuses on social inclusion, globalisation, diversity, multiculturalism and, most recently, the impacts of COVID-19 on society.

Creative innovation in digital and screen technologies

Creative innovation in digital and screen technologies

Deakin Motion Lab is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and knowledge community focused on digital screen experiences. It is a vibrant and exciting space for researchers, teachers and students to interact with rich virtual worlds, tell stories and explore ideas. Internationally, it is one of only a few university-based research centres focused exclusively on interactive and creative screen experiences.

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Professor Julianne Moss is asking ‘the big questions’ about how education is delivered, driven by a commitment to equity and social justice.

Alfred Deakin Professor Fethi Mansouri leads research that helps people understand how cultural diversity can lead to better societies moving forward.

Professor Benjamin Isakhan is helping to lead an urgent response to the destruction of treasured heritage sites in the Middle East.

Professor Ly Tran is strengthening Australia’s educational ties with the rest of the Indo-Pacific region.

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