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A connected approach to solving global challenges

Deakin partners with industry, government and community in new and innovative ways, offering access to world-class research, facilities and co-location opportunities. Partnering with Deakin also connects you to leading researchers across the university.

Our multidisciplinary approach to research allows you to tap into the best and brightest minds from our faculties, institutes and research centres, unlocking the full potential in your product through meaningful collaborations. Our research partnerships have led to the successful launch of commercial products with far-reaching impacts.

Whatever the size of your organisation, we can help you grow your idea from concept to reality, offering our expertise in a range of sectors and access to industrial-scale infrastructure.

Our partnerships

Discover how we can work together

Our research community works closely with its partners to deliver impact through engagement, ideas and innovation. Thousands of companies – across a diverse range of industries – have benefited from our research.

Research for industry and government

We connect people and capabilities to develop solutions for major challenges facing communities in Australia and abroad. By building strong relationships with industry and government, we can better understand and address the needs of the communities we serve.

Some of our successful research partnerships with industry and government include:

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Strategic research partnerships

By combining our research expertise with your industry knowledge, we can work together to make a difference.

We have a proven track record of developing successful strategic partnerships across business, industry and government. In fact, Deakin currently has over 500 active partnerships in 57 countries supporting education and research collaboration.

Learn more about some of our recent strategic partnerships:

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To find out how you can partner with us, visit our strategic research partnerships page or email the Deakin Research Innovations team.

Based on a tour of the Deakin facility and meeting the team, we were inspired to work together and saw real possibilities to develop the technology for industrial and training applications.

Mark Keen

HYDAC Managing Director (Aus/NZ)

Our research strengths

Guided by our five impact themes, we bring together different schools of thinking to help us solve some of the biggest, most complex global challenges.

Advancing society and culture

Building safe and secure communities

Improving health and wellbeing

Enabling a sustainable world 

Designing smarter technologies 

Advancing society and culture

Advancing society and culture

Our research helps strengthen society, culture and the economy through creative, contemporary and intercultural approaches to education, the arts and business.

Find out how Deakin researchers are advancing society, culture and the economy 

Building safe and secure communities

Building safe and secure communities

From strengthening community resilience to the development of cutting-edge cyber security, our cross-disciplinary research builds ethical and innovative solutions to global security problems.

Find out how Deakin researchers are building safe and secure communities

Improving health and wellbeing

Improving health and wellbeing

Improved health and wellbeing underpins the success of any society, and at Deakin, we’re driving research that impacts lives – globally and locally – in meaningful ways.

Find out how Deakin researchers are improving health and wellbeing

Enabling a sustainable world 

Enabling a sustainable world 

Sustainable outcomes guide our research from idea to solution and application.

We protect and manage our land, air and marine ecosystems; use innovative resource management technologies; and support the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Find out how Deakin researchers are enabling a sustainable world

Designing smarter technologies 

Designing smarter technologies 

We’re developing practical technology with ethical foundations to support a sustainable, progressive society.

Find out how Deakin researchers are creating smarter technologies

Dr Minoo Naebe talks about Deakin's great platform for industry and government


Partner with a university with leading research facilities that can help you maximise your results.

Your partnership with Deakin opens the door to multimillion dollar research facilities and infrastructure, some of which can’t be found anywhere outside of our campuses. Our facilities are shared by researchers from each of our four faculties, giving you access to new and different ways of thinking about your product, in addition to future-focused technology. Some of our unique facilities include:

  • Carbon Nexus – a world-first, open-access facility with an unparalleled suite of carbon fibre research technology
  • BatTRI-Hub – an innovative research centre focused on advanced battery prototyping and commercialisation
  • Cognitive neuroscience facilities – featuring EEG, EMG, TMS, near infrared spectroscopy and much more
  • Motion.Lab – research, art and movement-based technology intersect at this reality-bending VR facility.

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