Minimum entry requirements

To apply for a research degree, you will need to demonstrate your research ability and meet the minimum entry requirements from a recognised tertiary institution. The qualifications required to study a research degree must have been obtained less than five years prior to applying to Deakin.

If the qualifications do not meet this requirement, the applicant must provide an additional portfolio of evidence of equivalent research or professional experience and outputs from the last five years. Additional evidence may include but is not limited to workplace experience, verified reports, reviews, conference presentations, publications and data analysis. For more information about qualifications, you can check the  Australian Qualifications Framework, the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training.

Doctoral degree

  • completion of a research project in a related area, including a thesis that is equivalent to at least 25% of a year’s full-time study at level 8 or 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework, with achievement of a grade for the project equivalent to a Deakin grade of 70% or equivalent; or a masters degree by research in a related area.

Masters degree (research)

  • completion of a research project including a thesis that is equivalent to at least 25% of a year’s full-time study at level 8 or 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework, with achievement of a grade for the project equivalent to a Deakin grade of 65% or equivalent.

Master of philosophy

This option is offered by the School of Medicine.

  • coursework masters degree with a minimum credit average (65% or equivalent) in the same discipline as the proposed research thesis; or
  • bachelor degree with a distinction average (70% or equivalent) during third year in the same discipline as the proposed research thesis; or
  • completion of the pre-clinical component of the Doctor of Medicine (or equivalent degree) at the postgraduate level.

Prior learning equivalent

Qualification/equivalent research experience:

Prior learning equivalent to a qualification at least at Australian Qualifications Framework level 8 and research experience with outputs that is sufficient to prepare you for research degree candidature.

Required standard of achievement for admission to a masters degree (research) or doctoral degree:

Sufficiency of research experience and standard of research outputs to be determined with reference to evidence that might include independently peer-reviewed publications, research-related awards or prizes and/or professional reports.

Grade equivalence

This table provides a guide to grade equivalence at Deakin. It is an indicator only and does not automatically equate to other institution grades.

% rangeDescriptionDeakin Honours Grade
80%+First classH1
70-79%Upper second class H2A
60-69%Lower Second classH2B

Studying a PhD at [Deakin’s Applied AI Institute] A2I2 helped me further my skills in artificial intelligence and I’m excited to apply this knowledge to create a better, more sustainable society.

Arun Kumar AV

PhD in artificial intelligence

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English language requirements

If your first language isn't English, you must provide evidence of English proficiency. The English language requirements at Deakin University are aligned to the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) standards and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). More information about entry requirements can be found on the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) course pages.

Supporting your application

Research degree and PhD candidates have the option to provide copies of peer-reviewed publications as evidence of your research experience. This should include details about the nature of your research ability, specifically length and content of the program or research, with particular attention to the standard of any research component.

Prior publications

It is possible to be admitted to candidature to produce a thesis based on prior publications. To be admitted, the publications to be included in this thesis must form a coherent body of work that demonstrates a substantial original contribution to knowledge on the part of the applicant. The publications must normally have been produced within the last 10 years. The research leading to the publications must have been conducted in a way consistent with the University’s research integrity requirements.

Any part of the publications submitted for another degree must be identified and cannot be considered as part of the contribution to knowledge that is to be demonstrated in the thesis.

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Application assessment

Application assessment

Deakin assesses each application on its merits, and final decisions are at the discretion of the University rather than individual faculty members. The University must also consider supervisor availability, the suitability of the proposed project, strategic university goals and available funding.

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