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At Deakin University, we're solving global challenges and making a positive impact on the world.

Our research is producing smarter technologies for business and industry, improving the health and wellbeing of local and international communities, supporting sustainable development and advancing education, citizenship and cultural understanding.

Local research, global reach

Research at Deakin is purposeful and directed, allowing for collaborative and innovative solutions to take place.

From rural towns to untouched wetlands, inspiration can be found anywhere, and with anyone.

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Research matters

From economics and physical and mental health to molecular research and citizenship and globalisation, Deakin is well placed to provide world-leading research through high-quality, innovative facilities.

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Research benefits

PhD Xtra - Be Expert

Join the world’s best and brightest research professionals in our PhD Xtra program.

Deakin offers all higher degree by research students an enhanced learning experience through an individual, flexible learning program tailored by you.

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Graduate Research Academy

Enhance your discipline knowledge and develop the professional skills needed to push the frontiers of knowledge in your field.

Deakin’s Graduate Research Academy coordinates the research development of HDR students and academic researchers at all levels, providing opportunities to expand your skill set and continue your professional development.

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Become a research student

Join over 1700 research students in the Deakin community and you’ll enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and expert supervisors.

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Research and industry

Our world-class R&D capabilities make a real difference to industries as diverse as health, engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IT and renewable energy.

From big companies to small, we can help you grow your idea from a concept to reality, offering our expertise in a range of sectors and access to industrial scale infrastructure and funding and co-location opportunities.

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Deakin Disruptr

disruptr is a Deakin University research-centred platform.

Inspired by our wide breadth of expertise, disruptr content encourages conversation by highlighting the impact our research has had, the many questions it may raise and the potential it holds for the future.

At Deakin, our people are diverse.
Our breakthroughs are innovative.
Our stories are compelling.

This is research, only made to matter.

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