Research focus

Ensuring safe communities is a complex task. From extremist and violent behaviours to the increasing threat of cyber crime to personal and global security, a collaborative approach is needed now more than ever. Our researchers work with communities, organisation and government to develop innovative technologies and translational knowledge that results in safer communities.

Our impact

Find out how our researchers are integrating societal, behavioural, political and technological innovations to meet and surpass our security needs.

Safe and secure connectivity is key to our autonomous driving future

Deakin researchers are developing new platforms and software to support self-driving technologies in vehicles of the future.

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CYCLONE: creating a new era in Australian pilot training

Deakin has devised a simulator that enables Australian astronauts and pilots to complete high-G training safely.

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Featured researchers and leaders

Our world-class research teams are led by true innovators and experts in their fields. Discover what drives our researchers and what they hope to accomplish going forward.

Damien Manuel

Industry Professor, Cyber Security Research and Innovation Centre

Dr Hermione Parsons

Director, Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics

Professor Saeid Nahavandi

Director and Pro Vice-Chancellor Defence Technology, IISRI

Professor Michele Grossman

Research Chair in Diversity and Community Resilience

Featured institute

Featured institute

Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI)

With researchers from each of Deakin University’s four faculties, CSRI takes a holistic approach to cyber security research. CSRI’s research focuses on emerging technologies that can be used to protect Australia’s cyberspace. The team has been especially prolific in developing security solutions for industry, with many of their innovations transforming the way organisations secure their data and protect against cyber threats.

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Faculty research

In addition to our institutes and research centres, Deakin’s four faculties contribute to research that’s building safe and secure communities. Importantly, researchers within each faculty work together, fostering a collaborative approach to research that unlocks new angles, solutions and ways of thinking.

Visit each of our faculty pages to learn more about the projects, institutes and world-class researchers connected to each faculty.

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Featured facility

Featured facility

Motion simulation lab

Our Motion Simulation Lab is home to a range of mobile and industrial robots. We have developed the haptically enabled Universal Motion Simulator (UMS), which represents the next generation of vehicle simulation. Motion simulation is a vast arena of innovation that can be used to make life-altering changes across the world.

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