What are our solutions to global security threats?

No matter where people reside or work in the world, every citizen deserves to feel safe. From preventative approaches to complex global security threats to improving the reliability of autonomous vehicles, our researchers collaborate with industry and government to meet our security needs.

Find out more about our research in cyber security and discover how we're delivering positive and lasting impact for a better future.

Safe autonomous driving

Our researchers from the Centre for Cyber Resilience and Trust are developing new platforms and software to support self-driving technologies in vehicles of the future. Ensuring the secure exchange of information between vehicles is key to the success of this technology.

Australian pilot training safety

Australia’s first high-G centrifuge simulator, nicknamed CYCLONE, will safely train astronauts and pilots to cope with high levels of acceleration. The system was designed, built and tested by researchers at the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation.

See how we’re building safe and secure communities

See how we’re building safe and secure communities

Find out how our researchers are integrating societal, behavioural, political and technological innovations to meet and surpass our security needs.

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Making cyberspace safer in Australia and beyond

Making cyberspace safer in Australia and beyond

The Centre for Cyber Resilience and Trust empowers people, organisations and communities to thrive in a digital society. With researchers from each of Deakin’s faculties, we work with more than 20 industry partners to develop innovative cyber security technologies.

The next generation of vehicle simulation

The next generation of vehicle simulation

The Institue for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation’s Motion Simulation Lab is home to a range of mobile and industrial robots. We have developed the haptically enabled Universal Motion Simulator, which represents the next generation of vehicle simulation.

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I do what I do because I firmly believe that cyber security is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

Professor Robin Doss

Director of the Centre for Cyber Resilience and Trust

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Professor Greg Barton is researching the convergence of religion and politics, and the role that community development groups can play to stem extremism and violence.

Professor Michele Grossman leads research that informs both domestic and international policy-setting on countering terrorism.

Professor Robin Doss works to advance digital practices to protect against unauthorised data access and empower stakeholders to proactively respond to cybercriminal threats.

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