In the last few decades, the world has undergone exponential technological growth. This has of course paved the way for cybercriminals to find creative ways to hack through digital defences.​ Cyber-attacks are costing the world billions of dollars, and governments are recognising that it has never been more important to protect our cyber space.​

​Deakin Cyber brings together researchers with complementary expertise, including executive cyber security leaders from some of Australia’s best-known companies. This broad network, combined with our state-of-the-art facilities, means we are uniquely positioned to deliver multi-disciplinary research and thought leadership on cyber resilience and trust.

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We engage with industry and government through collaborative research projects that have real-world impact.

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I do what I do because I firmly believe that cyber security is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

Professor Robin Doss​

Director of the Deakin Cyber Research and Innovation Centre

Our researchers

Deakin Cyber is a hive of research excellence, bringing together highly experienced staff from across multiple disciplines to research and innovate for better cyber protection.

Professor Robin Doss

Professor Robin Doss’s research centres on systems security, protocol design and security analysis, with a focus on smart cyber-physical critical infrastructure.

A/Prof Shiri Krebs

A/Prof Krebs's research focuses on algorithmic bias and drone data vulnerabilities, data privacy, and human-machine interaction in technology-assisted legal decision-making, at the intersection of law, science and technology. ​

Dr Zubair Baig​

Dr Baig's research interests are in the areas of cyber security, artificial intelligence, critical infrastructures, and the Internet of Things. He has a broad skillset for conducting risk assessments for the IoT, critical infrastructures and sensor networks.

Featured projects

Our cyber ecosystem includes the Deakin Cyber Research and Innovation Centre, the CyRise cyber security accelerator, Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation, the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute and Digital Futures Hub. We work with industry, business and government leaders on ideas and innovations with real-world impact.

Protecting critical infrastructure

Protecting critical infrastructure

In collaboration with Tata Consulting Services (TCS)CSIRO/Data 61 and the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC), our researchers are developing next generation authentication technologies to protect assets within critical infrastructures such as energy, defence, transport, and space from sophisticated adversaries (including state-based actors).​

Cutting-edge ‘zero trust’ authentication technologies leveraging ambient intelligence are being developed to increase the cyber resilience of critical infrastructures and to improve protective cyber deception capabilities.

Disrupting cyber harm

Disrupting cyber harm

​In partnership with the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA), we're undertaking research into assessing the utility of cyber harm prevention programs from a cyber insurance perspective.​

The research outcomes will inform the development of a roadmap for the implementation of an evidence-based proactive interventions program across the Victorian public sector, positioning Victoria as a national leader in this space.​

Our partnerships​

Our partnerships with industry and government are vital in providing protection from major cyber threats facing Australia and the world. Through our partnerships, we are able to inform cyber policy development for government and business, as well as raise cyber safety awareness levels in the community.
Let’s discuss how we can work together with your organisation or program for a safer cyberspace.

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