Flexible study options

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At Deakin, our study methods give you the flexibility to study when, where and how you want, so you can take control of your degree and study your way.

Do you want to study part time or full time?

For most courses you can switch between part-time and full-time study, and set your own pace throughout your education. This means, if things change, you’re not locked into a study commitment that no longer suits you.

Each unit (subject) is worth one credit point. You’re considered a full-time student if you’re enrolled in three or more units in a trimester. Any fewer, and you’re considered a part-time student. You can choose how many credit points you study each trimester. You're able to do more than four credit points in a trimester, but you'll need faculty approval.

Find a course that suits your lifestyle

Part-time study

If you study less than three units per trimester, you’re considered a part-time student and it will take you longer to complete your course, but it may provide the flexibility you need to juggle work and/or other commitments. At Deakin, most courses allow you to switch between part-time and full-time study to set your own pace. You may also be able to spread your study across the three trimesters (subject to the units being offered).

If you’re receiving Centrelink, you need to remember that your payments may be affected if you switch from full-time to part-time study. Your payments also depend on how many credit points you are studying. It’s best to talk to Centrelink if you make changes to your study load. Similarly, if you are an international student, there are international enrolment conditions that you must adhere to.

Online, on campus or combined study?

You can study on-campus, study entirely online, or even do a combination of on-campus and online subjects if it fits better with your timetable.

Study online

Studying online at Deakin means you learn at your own pace using our innovative digital tools, backed by Australia's top-rated tech support.* Deakin uses a personal online learning portal called DeakinSync. It’s an adaptive, all-in-one digital space that makes staying connected on your smartphone, tablet or laptop easy.

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Study on campus

Deakin has four campuses around Victoria: Melbourne Burwood, Geelong Waurn Ponds, Geelong Waterfront and Warrnambool campuses. Many of our courses are offered at multiple campuses, meaning you can study close to where you live. If you’re applying with an ATAR, it’s good to know that if you don’t meet the ATAR for one campus, you can start at another and transfer after a trimester or two. ATAR requirements may vary, but the courses are the same.

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Study a stackable short course

A fully customisable study experience, each short course can be undertaken individually or in parallel with others. Complete one for a standalone credential or stack multiple short courses as part of a full Deakin postgraduate degree.

Find out what studying at Deakin is like

Find out what studying at Deakin is like

Study a single unit or two before you enrol in a full course. A single unit can count towards a degree if you decide to enrol in one afterwards, and you'll get to satisfy your personal and professional interests. You can also develop skills, advance your career or learn more about what you love with a short course from Deakin.

Study faster, when and where it suits you

Here are a few other course delivery options that could fit in with your lifestyle so you can achieve your career goals.

Intensive study

Complete a unit with just a few contact days per trimester. Depending on the unit, you’ll either come in for a few consecutive days, blocks of days (a couple of weekends for example) or a number of single days over a trimester. Browse available units in 2024.

Double degrees

Stand out in a competitive job market by gaining double the skills. Gain a broader perspective and learn how to combine skills from each degree to unlock new and varied career pathways. You can study a second degree in as little as one extra year.

Cross-institutional study

If there's a unit you'd like to undertake that we don't offer, but it's available at another tertiary institution, you may (with faculty approval) be able to enrol and gain credit towards your Deakin degree. Students from other universities may also apply to enrol in Deakin units.

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*According to the Voice Project IT Service Quality Support Benchmark Survey.