Guidelines for students under 18

According to Australian immigration regulations, students under 18 years of age can study in Australia if:

  • you are accompanied by a parent or legal custodian
  • you stay with a suitable relative
  • your education provider provides a written statement saying that your accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements are appropriate.

If you are an international student under 18 years of age applying to study at Deakin, you will need to demonstrate that you have adequate welfare arrangements in place before you can be granted a student visa. Your options are:

  1. Nominate a parent/legal custodian or a relative over 21 years to be your student guardian. The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will assess this arrangement, or
  2. Arrange for Deakin University to approve your welfare arrangements in accordance with the Deakin approved guidelines for acceptable welfare and accommodation arrangements. Deakin will issue a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter and the nominated start date and end date of your welfare arrangements.

Information about the Department of Home Affairs welfare requirements for under 18 student visa applicants can be found on their website.

Deakin will only approve welfare arrangements if they meet our guidelines. Students must have an agreement with one of the Deakin approved caregiver services and homestay arranged through Student Accommodation Services. Students cannot enter Australia before the commencement of welfare arrangements. This is a student visa condition.

Students must stay in approved accommodation and have care arrangements in place until they turn 18, including any period of non-enrolment. Any changes to welfare arrangements must be approved by Deakin.

Department of Home Affairs approved welfare arrangements

  1. If you are able to nominate a parent/legal custodian or a relative over 21 years to be your student guardian, complete the 157N Nomination of a Student Guardian form (PDF, 291KB) if a visa is required. This person must have either Australian citizenship, permanent residency status or a temporary visa. They must remain in Australia for the duration of the student visa or until the student turns 18. If the student guardian needs to leave Australia during this time, alternative welfare arrangements will need to be put in place.
  2. Complete the Parents Declaration form (PDF, 177KB). Return this form and identity document/s to Deakin. The identity documents must have a signature that matches the signature on the declaration.
  3. Upon arrival in Australia, the student will be contacted by an International Student Support Officer at the campus where they will be studying.
  4. Notify Deakin if there are any changes to the parents or guardian contact details.

Deakin approved welfare arrangements

To receive a CAAW, complete the steps listed below. A completed Confirmation of Appointment of Carer form is needed before Deakin can issue a CAAW.

  1. If you are not able to nominate a student guardian, please make arrangements with one of the Deakin-approved caregiver services. Complete the relevant sections on the Confirmation of Appointment of Carer form (PDF, 155KB) and send this form to your nominated caregiver service. The caregiver service will return the completed form to you or your nominated agent.
  2. Complete the Homestay Application (PDF, 240KB) for Deakin students form.
  3. Complete the Parents Declaration form (PDF, 177KB) and attach identity document/s. The identity documents must have a signature that matches the signature on the declaration.
  4. Return the three completed forms to Deakin.
  5. Once Deakin has received the completed documentation, the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter will be issued.
  6. Upon arrival in Australia, immediately contact the caregiver service.
  7. In the first week of studies, you will meet with the International Student Support Officer who will explain your obligations as an international student under 18 years of age.
  8. Notify Deakin if there are any changes to your parents contact details.

Deakin approved caregiver services

ISA Student Advocates

Mr Ivan McKinney
Phone: +61 3 9663 2887
Fax: +61 3 8678 1317
Mobile: +61 401 995 900
Skype: isa-ivan
Email ISA Student Advocates
Visit website

Professional Student Care (Australia) Pty Ltd

Ms Kathy Liu
Phone: 03 8863 0096
Mobile: +61 438 686 699
Email Professional Student Care Australia
Visit website

A&J Student Care Services

Mr Jessy Kakerissa
Phone: +61 3 9795 7767
Fax: +61 3 9801 2253
Mobile: +61 419 319 633
Email A&J Student Care Services
Visit website

Deakin approved homestay accommodation service

Student Accommodation Services (SAS)

Phone: +61 3 9485 1900
Fax: +61 3 9495 0001
Mobile: +61 413 754 267
Email Student Accommodation Services
Visit website

Homestay fees structure

Students are required to pay a placement fee and a weekly accommodation fee.

For information about terms and conditions, general information and homestay expectations, please visit the Homestay information page.

Your local carer/guardian

Your local carer (guardian) will meet with you on a regular basis. You should discuss any concerns with your carer, or contact the carer when you need assistance (e.g. opening a bank account, going to a doctor, etc.).

If you have any concern or issue with your carer, please email us.

Changing your homestay or local carer

If you are under 18 and would like to change your accommodation, you must get written permission from your parents and approval from an International Student Support Officer before you move – otherwise your enrolment with Deakin University might be terminated. Once approval is granted, Deakin will then notify the Department of Home Affairs about any changes and whether or not it has approved your move.

For full details of the requirements please review the Welfare arrangements for students under 18.

If you have any concern or issue about your carer, please email us.

Your safety and who to contact in an emergency

Deakin aims to make our campuses a safe and welcoming environment. Whilst on campus, if you or anyone is in imminent danger, contact Deakin's Security Services on 1800 062 579 or Victoria Police on 000. SafeZone is a free app that connects you directly to the Security team when you need help on campus.

In the case of an emergency off campus, please contact Victoria Police on 000 if you are in imminent danger. Your carer (guardian) should be contacted for all emergencies where there is no immediate threat. In the event that you are unable to contact your carer (guardian), contact Deakin Security on 1800 062 579.

Safer Community is a Deakin wide service that responds to reports of behaviours that are concerning, inappropriate or threatening, and allegations of sexual, physical or other abuse. Safer Community offers support to all parties involved. If you are worried about someone or something just does not feel quite right, please contact Safer Community (during office hours) for support, advice or information.