Safety and Security

Security Services are making our campuses safe and welcoming environments for students, staff and visitors 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Security Services are here to help - Call us on 1800 062 579

If life is in danger, call Emergency Services on 000. Then call Deakin Security on 1800 062 579

We’re responsible for:

  • Promoting good personal safety and security practices
  • Effectively undertaking patrols, alarm monitoring and CCTV surveillance
  • Responding rapidly to security incidents, emergency situations and threat concerns
  • Security of persons lawfully engaged in campus activities
  • Protection of University property and facilities
  • Responding to incidents that impact the University
  • Providing after-hours emergency assistance and first aid
  • Enforcing parking regulations and patrolling campuses
  • Providing a visible presence to assure students and staff of a safe workplace, and to deter offenders
  • Managing building access and building security


Find out how to download and use our free app that connects you directly with Deakin’s Security Services

Download SafeZone

Safety tips

Safety tips when out and about

  • Personal safety tips for students and staff when out and about on and off campus.

Safety tips when on campus

  • Personal safety tips for students and staff when moving around campus

Child Safety

Learn more about Deakin's Child Safety role;

  • Deakin - A Child Safe organisation
  • Statement of Commitment
  • Our Responsibilities
  • Key Contacts

Building Access

There are libraries, computer labs, study areas and secure rooms on every Deakin campus that you may need access to, either during or after hours.

Security Escorts

Deakin Security Services provides a free 24/7 service and can be booked by contacting Security by phone or by using the Help button on the SafeZone app.

We recommended that you call Security at least 10 minutes prior to the requested time. Deakin Security recommends you try to avoid walking alone on campus at night. Parking your vehicle close to the centre of campus will help. Parking regulations in general parking zones are relaxed from 4.30 pm onwards.

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