Since it was established in 2016, REDI has become a critical centre of educational ideas and innovation. Our research supports the development of effective and resilient education systems that ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

We produce exceptional educational research and training that has a far-reaching impact on communities. Our work positively impacts educational theory, policy, teacher practice and student learning.

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We ask the big questions in education

At the Centre for Research for Educational Impact, we interrogate how education works in our communities.

Our research areas

REDI is known for its critical research and contribution to social change across education.

Our research is focussed around four interdisciplinary themes with a key goal being to ensure that our knowledge is translated into practice.

Diversity and Social Justice in Education

Educating for diversity and social justice is a key public goal of education. This research theme takes a critical and transformative approach to this goal that recognises the complex and growing economic, cultural, digital, spatial and political inequalities within and beyond Australia.

Education, Governance and Policy for Sustainable Societies

Education is key to secure, just and sustainable societies. Research in this program aims to investigate higher education, vocational education, schools and early childhood as well as informal education and workplace settings to understand the impacts of policies, governance practices and reform efforts at global, national, regional and institutional levels.

Learners in a digital world

This theme acknowledges that learning occurs across complex formal and informal contexts. It is concerned with exploring the diverse effects of digitalisation on everyday life, identity, education systems and the broader organisation of civic and political society.

STEM education for sustainable futures

This theme acknowledges the critical role of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in educating for sustainable, equitable environmental, societal and work futures.

Help us create a more inclusive, socially just and equitable society

A PhD or Masters opportunity with REDI will provide you with access to research in a supportive and exciting environment. REDI fosters a vibrant research environment that supports excellence, innovation and collaboration.

Our research supports the development of effective and resilient education systems that ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Alfred Deakin Professor Julianne Moss

Director, REDI

Our research leaders

REDI brings together more than 50 researchers working on research programs from early childhood through to higher education, informal education, and the workplace. Our research focuses on a wide range of professional, policy and practise issues that are both in and out of school systems. The leaders of our four interdisciplinary research themes provide leadership, program planning, collegiate support, and mentoring to members of these groupings.

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Professor Amanda Keddie

Professor Keddie’s research interests and publications are in the broad field of social justice and schooling. She is co-leader with Dr Claire Charles of the Diversity and Social Justice in Education research theme.

Professor Margaret Bearman

Professor Bearman’s research interests include assessment in university education, feedback in healthcare contexts, simulation and learning in a digital world. She is co-leader with Associate Professor Radhika Gorur of the Learners in a Digital World research theme.

Alfred Deakin Professor Jill Blackmore

Professor Blackmore’s research interests include, globalisation, school and higher education policy, and governance; international and intercultural education; leadership and organisational change; research assessment and epistemic justice; spatial redesign and innovative pedagogies; and teachers’ and academics’ work. She is co-leader with Professor Rola Ajjawi of the Education, Governance and Policy for Sustainable Societies research theme.

Professor Russell Tytler

Professor Tytler’s major research interests include student learning in science and pedagogies to support this, teacher learning, school change and system reform, and rural science education and communities. He is co-leader with Associate Professor Jill Brown of the STEM Education for Sustainable Futures research theme.

Featured projects

Discover the wide variety of research projects being undertaken by our members in collaboration with key stakeholders, international scholars and agencies including government, industry and schools.

Striking voices: Australian school-aged students' climate justice activism

Striking voices: Australian school-aged students' climate justice activism

Mass student-led climate justice activism emerged as a transnational phenomenon in 2018. Dr Eve Mayes has been awarded a Discovery Early Career Award (DECRA) to increase understanding of this phenomenon by exploring how Australian young people are taking action on climate change, the supports for their activism, and educational conditions of and responses to their climate concerns.

Best Practice International Student Engagement project

Best Practice International Student Engagement project

Professor Ly Tran and her colleagues have been contracted by the Australian Government to implement the Best Practice International Student Engagement Project under the International Education Innovation Fund (IEIF). The team will work with the international education sector and communities to identify what good practice in international student engagement looks like and how international students can be more effectively supported.

Our partnerships

We have established reciprocal working relationships with education systems and philanthropic partners who continue to make us the responsive research centre we are. Our partners include large education systems in Victoria and overseas, philanthropic organisations and community groups that focus on the needs of learners at all stages of life.

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