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Join us online! As a world leader in online education, Deakin University, Australia, is excited to offer study abroad online to our partners and students all around the world. Experience one of the world’s leading universities in online learning and keep your education journey on track.

Program description

Study abroad online now offers you the opportunity to study one, two, three or four credit points online from your home country online. You get the opportunity to study with like-minded peers across the world, access a varied range of learning content, and learn in a new environment.

  • You will be supported by our dedicated online study team through your entire learning journey. From accessing your online orientation through to your exams, we are with you every step of the way. Learn more.
  • You will have access to Deakin’s library and all teaching materials.
  • You can contact the support staff, your teaching staff and other students studying your unit, easily.
  • You can choose to commence your program in 2022; the dates are listed below.
  • You will receive your transcript online through the 'My eQuals' portal. My eQuals will allow you access to your certified transcript as soon as the results are released by Deakin.

See below for dates, application information and other important details.

Study options

You have the option to study from 1, up to 4 credit points.

1 credit point online study

1 credit point study load: 7.5 ECTS, or 3 – 4 US credits.
2024: A$2,750

Please select 2 – 3 units when you apply.*

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2 credit points online study

2 credit points study load: 15 ECTS, or 6 – 8 US credits.
2024: A$5,500

Please select 3 – 4 units when you apply.*

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3 credit points online study

3 credit points study load: 22.5 ECTS, or 12 – 14 US credits
2024: A$8,250

Please select 5 – 6 units when you apply.*

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4 credit points online study

4 credit points study load: 30 ECTS, or 12 – 16 US credits
2024: A$11,000

Please select 6 – 8 units when you apply.*

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* Select a few extra units when you apply as this will ensure you have these other unit options (of your preference) to enrol into just in case you don’t get into your first preferences.

Study areas

Deakin has a wide range of units offered online across nearly all disciplines. Below find the list of courses or units you can study online.

Pre-approved units: Some of these units are 'pre-approved'. This means these units have no prerequisites; in other words, if you select these units, your application is processed quicker.

You could also consult the Deakin Handbook for other unit options. Ensure your units of choice are offered online, and are available in the trimester you wish to study in.

Arts and Education

Unit code Unit name
Undergraduate units
ACC100 Communication in Everyday Life
ACC213 Media Law and Ethics
ACC302 Advertising: Desire, Consumption and the Attention Economy  (Pre-approved)
ACF106 Screen Practices (Pre-approved)
ACF320 The Australian Moving Image (Pre-approved)
ACR102 Introducing Crime and Criminal Justice (Pre-approved)
ACR202 Criminology Theory
ACR204 Crime, Media and Justice
ACR206 Criminology in Action
ADD101 Design Thinking (Pre-approved)
AGS102 Histories of Sex and Gender (Pre-approved)
AGS300 Beyond Identity: Diversity in Action
AIB152 Applied Arabic 1B: The Language and its Culture
AIB252 Arabic and the World 2B: Texts and Context in Arabic
AIB310 Introduction to Translation Skills
AIB352 Arabic and the World 3B: Applying Arabic in Complex and Contemporary Context
AIE154 Understanding Middle East Politics (Pre-approved)
AIE364 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
AIF242 Contextualising Indonesian Language
AIF342 Professional And Academic Indonesian 
AIH108 The Modern World: Globalisation and Fragmentation, the 1940s to the 21st Century (Pre-approved)
AIH238 Australia in the Age of Total War 1914 -1945 (Pre-approved)
AIH240 History: Interpreting the Past (Pre-approved)
AIH288 Colonial Encounters: From Invasion to Federation (Pre-approved)
AIH383Global Disasters (Pre-approved)
AIH399 Making History 
AIP116 Visions and Values in Politics (Pre-approved)
AIP209 The Politics of Asylum in Australia and Asia (Pre-approved)
AIP211 Politics of Poverty and Prosperity
AIP245 Environmental Politics (Pre-approved)
AIP247 Media And Politics: Campaign Strategies (Pre-approved)
AIP300 Democracy: Traditions and Future Direction
AIR102 War, Terrorism and Humanitarian Responses (Pre-approved)
AIR203 Human Rights in World Politics (Pre-approved)
AIR204 Great Power Relations (Pre-approved)
AIR242 Key Concepts in International Relations (Pre-approved)
AIR349 Diplomacy and the United Nations
AIS201 Working in International Contexts
AIS204 Gender, Globalisation and Development (Pre-approved)
AIS303 International Studies Capstone Portfolio
AIX117 Professional Writing for Work (Pre-approved)
ALA102 Creative Brand Communication (Pre-approved)
ALA201 Art Direction and Visualisation 
ALA203 Integrated Communication (Pre-approved)
ALA304 Creative Advertising Campaigns
ALC302 Digital Media Entrepreneurship
ALJ112 News Reporting 2 (Pre-approved)
ALJ216 Feature Writing (Pre-approved)
ALJ218 Podcasting and Audio Journalism (pre-approved)
ALJ304 Local Journalism
ALJ331 News Production 2
ALL102 From Horror to Romance: Genre and its Revisions (Pre-approved)
ALL154 Power and Politics in Children's Literature (Pre-approved)
ALL230 Adapting Children's Texts Across Media (Pre-approved)
ALL260 Australian Literature (Pre-approved)
ALL376 Classics and Trash
ALM102 Making Video (Pre-approved)
ALM202 Quantified Media
ALR104 Strategic Communication and Writing (Pre-approved)
ALR279 Public Relations Management
ALR300 Public Relations Campaigns and Practice
ALS100 iHola!:Welcome to the Hispanic World, its Language and Cultures (Pre-approved)
ALS150 Spanish and You: Spanish for Everyday Life
ALS250 Spanish in Diverse Contexts: Language and Societies in the Spanish Speaking World
ALS350 Engaging the Contemporary Hispanic World with Fluency
ALS360 Selected Topics in Spanish
ALS370 Advanced Topics in Spanish
ALW205 The Role of the Editor
ALW242 Poetry: Events in Language (Pre-approved)
ALW251 Writing for Games: Designing Quests and Characters (Pre-approved)
APE101 Create Your Own Career (Pre-approved)
APE201 Individual Professional Project
APE202 Team Professional Project
ASC233 International Migration and Multicultural Societies (Pre-approved)
ASC250 Contemporary Social Research (Pre-approved)
ASC287 Love, Sex And Relationships (Pre-approved)
ASC304 Culture and Control: Boundaries and Identities (Pre-approved)
ASP211Freedom and Power: Existentialism and Beyond (Pre-approved)
ASP210 Plato and Nietzsche (Pre-approved)
ASP216 Ethics In Global Society (Pre-approved)
ASP327 Philosophies of Religion: Western, Asian, and Contemporary Inquiries 
ASP228 Philosophy, Art, Film (Pre-approved)
ASP326 Language and Reality
ASR100 World Religions (Pre-approved)
ASR205 Mindfulness, Meditation, and Buddhism (Pre-approved)
ASR210Religion, Gender and Relationships (Pre-approved)
ASS102 Culture and Communication (Pre-approved)
ASS204 Doing Urban Anthropology (Pre-approved)
ASS206 Medical Anthropology (Pre-approved)
ASS330 Cyborg Anthropology (Pre-approved)
AST205 Sport, Bodies, Action! (Pre-approved)
EAD112 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Using Analysis to Develop Solutions (Pre-approved)
EAD113 Teamwork: Working Constructively with Others (Pre-approved)
ECE241 Creative Arts 2: Music and Visual Art
ECL351 Diversity, Language and Literacy
EDU102 From Aristotle to Atars: The History, Philosophy and Future of Education (Pre-approved)
EDU202 Educators and Learners (Pre-approved)
EDU302 Education and Humanitarian Development (Pre-approved)
EDU303 Education, Communication and Technology (Pre-approved)
EES301 Digital Technologies: Programming and Robotics
ESM215 Problem Solving, Modelling and Mathematical Applications
IND101 Introduction to Aboriginal Studies (Pre-approved)
ACF103 Writing with the Camera (Pre-approved)
ACF106 Screen Practices (Pre-approved)
ACF202 Documentary Production
ACI101 Analogue Photography (Pre-approved)
ACI204 Photographic Storytelling
ACV101 Painting in the Visual Arts
Honours units
ACA412 Transgressive Acts in Cinema, Art, Performance
ACO410 Communication Research Methods
Postgraduate units
ACA712Transgressive Acts in Cinema, Art, Performance
ACC700Communication and Creative Arts Internship
ACC717Media Law and Ethics
ACG702Digital Publishing
ACG706Designing for Web Environments
ACG709Strategic Branding and Design
ACX701Communication Concepts
ADH714Gender and Development
ADH701The Humanitarian World
ADH702Humanitarian - Development Nexus
ADS705Participatory and Community Development Practice
ADS722Private Sector Development: Corporations, Social-Enterprise and Microfinance
ADS723The Development Project Cycle
ADS734Political Development Record
ADS753International and Community Development Internship
AHA722Applied Humanitarian Assistance: From Theory to Practice
AHA716Humanitarian Settlement
AHL701The Humanitarian World
AHL705Management of Humanitarian Health Programs
AIM705Heritage Practice: Fundamentals
AIM708World Heritage
AIM717Heritage in the Field
AIM722Managing Collections
AIM727Developing Exhibitions
AIN702Religious and Cultural Practices of Bereavement and Interment
AIP704Making Policy
AIP746Challenges to Democratic Governance
AIP780Governing the Economy
AIP781Political Communication
AIR701China and the World
AIR720Transnational Activism and Policy
AIR742International Relations Theory
AIR747Contemporary International Politics
AIR748Security and Strategy
AIR753Regionalism in International Politics
ALC701Social Media Collaboration
ALC703Digital Curation
ALJ715Multimedia Storytelling
ALJ722Investigative and Narrative Journalism
ALL705Vision and Revision: Short Stories Now
ALL706Fantasy and Historical Fictions
ALL708Graphic Narratives
ALL722Texts for Young Adults
ALL743Foundations in Narrative Theory
ALL784Life Writing Now
ALR700Public Relations Campaigns
ALR701Public Relations Writing and Tactics
ALR710Marketing Communication
ALR718Public Relations, Activism and Social Change
ALW730Creative Nonfiction: The Personal Essay
ALW740Foundations in Writing
ECM711Education Governance and Policy
ECM713Education Leadership Development and Capacity Building
ECN704Applied Learning: Theories and Practice
ECN734Orientation to the Teaching Profession
ECP712Social, Physical and Emotional Health and Wellbeing
EEE736Contextualising Learning and Teaching in Adult, Vocational Education and Training
EEE740Designing and Teaching Student-Centred Learning Programs in Higher Education
EEE742Establishing Effective and Inclusive Learning Environments in Higher Education
EEI704Advanced Inclusive Practice
EEI715Effective Classroom Management: Positive Learning Environments
EIE702Teaching and Learning in the Inclusive Classroom
EIE703Designing Engagement for Learning
EIE704Supporting Communication in Inclusive Classrooms
ELT700Education Business Planning and Capacity Building
ELT701Governance in Education
ELT702Leading Strategy and Change in Education
ELT703Understanding Funding and Finance for Educational Outcomes
ETL700Education Business Planning and Capacity Building
ETL701Governance in Education
ETL702Linguistics for Second Language Teachers
ETL704Language Curriculum and Assessment
ETL705Pedagogic Grammar
ETL708Language Teaching in Practice
ETL711Learning an Additional Language
ETL715Internationalising the Curriculum
ETL716CLIL Pedagogy
EXE723Curriculum and Assessment Design
EXE731Professional Learning and Development
EXE732Social Justice and Difference
IND726Designing an Indigenous Research Project

Business and Law

Unit code Unit name
Undergraduate units
MLC101 Law for Commerce (Pre-approved)
MLC305 Business Tax Law
MLL110 Legal Research and Statutory Interpretation
MLL113 Legal Communication and Ethical Decision Making
MLL114 Criminal Law
MLL117 Misleading Conduct and Economic Torts
MLL211 Human Rights Law
MLL215 Commercial Law
MLL218 Criminal Procedure
MLL227 Superannuation Law
MLL235 Legal Practice And Ethics
MLL277 International Law
MLL318 Corporate Insolvency Law
MLL323 Constitutional Law
MLL325 Land Law
MLL329 Financial Services Regulation
MLL334 Evidence
MLL338 Legal Professional Practice
MLL342 Workplace Law
MLL391 Civil Procedure and Dispute Resolution
MWL101 Professional Insight 
MAA103 Accounting for Decision Making (Pre-approved)
MAA204 Accounting Information Systems and Data Analytics
MAA215 Client Behaviour and Decision Making
MAA250 Ethics for Financial Professionals
MAA255 Financial Planning
MAA261 Financial Accounting
MAA262 Management Accounting
MAA318 Advanced Financial Planning
MAA319 Estate Planning And Insurance
MAA363 Corporate Accounting
MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance (Pre-approved)
MAF202 Money and Capital Markets
MAF203 Business Finance
MAF302 Corporate Finance
MAF307 Equities and Investment Analysis
MAF308 Derivative and Fixed Income Securities
MMP122 Introduction to Property Development (Pre-approved)
MMP221 Property Management (Pre-approved)
MMP223 Property Law and Practice
MMP311 Advanced Property Valuation
MMP322 Advanced Property Development
MAB341 Global Challenges: Food, Water and Climate
MAB353 Applied Agribusiness Project
MAE101 Economic Principles (Pre-approved)
MAE201 Competition and Industry
MAE203 The Global Economy (Pre-approved)
MAE213 International Trade
MAE214 Economic Strategy for Business
MAE256 Analytical Methods in Economics and Finance
MAE301 Choice, Strategies and Dilemmas
MAE304 Labour and Health Economics
MAE305 Energy, Environment and Sustainability
MAE307 Economic Policy and Practice
MMH230 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
MMH231 Human Resource Practice
MMH232 Human Resource Development
MMH250 Workplace Conflict Resolution
MMH331 Strategic Human Resource Management
MMH352 International Human Resource Management
MMH356 Change Management
MMM111 Intrapersonal Skills (Pre-approved)
MMM132 Management (Pre-approved)
MMM211 Team Dynamics (Pre-approved)
MMM241 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MMM267 Business Logistics
MMM306 Global Strategy and International Management
MMM308 Applied Management Capabilities
MMM311 Global Mindset and Citizenship
MMM312 Event Management (Pre-approved)
MMM315 Business Management Capstone
MMS308 Sport Marketing 
MMK101 Marketing Fundamentals (Pre-approved)
MMK251 Services Marketing
MMK266 Consumer Behaviour
MMK280 Brand Management
MMK317 Advanced Retail Management
MMK325 Strategic Marketing
MMK365 Marketing Insights
MMK368 Business Marketing
MMS100Sports Organisation (Pre-approved)
MMS201 Sport in Society (Pre-approved)
MIS171 Business Analytics (Pre-approved)
MIS201 Business Requirements Analysis (Pre-approved)
MIS203 Making Sense of Information (Pre-approved)
MIS211 Information Security, Governance and the Cloud
MIS272 Predictive Analytics
MIS275 Decision Analytics
MIS352 Business Process Management
MIS362 Social Media Analytics and Data Driven Innovation
Honours units
MLL406 Taxation
Postgraduate units
MAA700 Estate Planning and Risk Management Strategies
MAA703 Accounting for Management
MAA705 Corporate Auditing
MAA716 Financial Accounting
MAA725 Advanced Accounting Principles and Practice
MAA727 Financial Planning Development
MAA728 Financial Behaviour and Decision Making
MAA745 Financial Planning and Economic Fundamentals
MAA753 Professional Research and Analysis
MAA763 Governance and Fraud
MAA767 Integrated Reporting and Value Creation
MAA769 Ethics for Financial Services
MAA789 Accounting Systems and Analytics
MPA701 Accounting 
MPA702 Financial Interpretation
MAF702 Financial Markets
MAF703 Applied Corporate Finance
MAF707 Investments and Portfolio Management
MAF713 Futures, Options and other Derivatives
MAF760 International Finance
MMP721 Property and Real Estate Law and Practice
MMP731 Management of Real Estate
MMP732 Property Development
MMP741 Property and Real Estate Valuation
MPF753 Finance
MPE707 International Banking and Finance
MPE711 Global Trade and Markets
MPE781 Economics for Managers
MMH702 Strategic Staffing
MMH704 Performance Management and Reward
MMH733 Ethics and Corporate Sustainability
MMH753 Human Resource Management in the Global Context
MMM793 Managing Events
MMM796 Managing Arts in Community Settings
MMM799 Arts Fundraising and Sponsorship
MMS711 Introduction to the Sport Industry
MMS712 Sport Marketing
MMS713 Sport Policy and Development
MMS714 Sport Organisation Behaviour
MMS736 Strategic Management
MMS773 Sport Media and Revenue Generation
MMS774 Facility and Event Management
MPM703 Business Strategy and Analysis
MPM712 Managing Innovation
MPM722 Human Resource Management
MPM732 Critical Thinking for Managers
MPM735 International Business Management
MMK738 Integrated Marketing Communication
MMK739 Strategic Brand Management
MPK701 Research Design and Analysis
MPK732 Marketing Management
MPK733 Applied Strategic Marketing
MIS701 Business Requirements Analysis
MIS713 Digital Transformation of Supply Chains
MIS732 Enterprise Architecture and Governance
MIS761 Enterprise Information Management and Security
MIS770 Foundation Skills in Data Analysis
MIS771 Descriptive Analytics and Visualisation
MIS772 Predictive Analytics
MIS779 Decision Analytics in Practice
MIS781 Business Intelligence and Database
MIS784 Marketing Analytics
MIS799 Information Systems in Practice
MLC703 Principles of Income Tax Law
MLC709 Business Taxation Law and Policy
MLC713 Corporate Insolvency Law and Policy
MLC714 Financial Advice Regulation
MLJ701 Legal Method and Statutory Interpretation
MLM704 Foundations of Law
MLM705 Research Methodology
MLM707 Research Thesis
MLM717 Financial Services Regulation
MLM719 Human Rights Law and Policy
MLM727 Superannuation Law and Policy
MLM735 Data Law, Policy and Cybercrime
MLM785 Public International Law
MPM755 Building Success in Commerce


Science, Engineering and Built Environment

Unit code Unit name

Undergraduate units
SLE102Physical Geography (Pre-approved)
SLE121Environmental Sustainability (Pre-approved)
SLE123Physics for the Life Sciences (Pre-approved)
SLE209Science and Society
SLE239Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (Pre-approved)
SLE315Marine Animal Physiology
SLE342Risks to Healthy Environments
SEE212Power Electronics (Pre-approved)
SEE213Distributed Generation System
SEE216Analogue And Digital Electronics
SEE222Embedded Systems Design
SEE308Electrical Machines and Drives
SEJ102Electrical Systems Engineering Project (Pre-approved)
SEJ103Materials Engineering Project (Pre-approved)
SEJ201Structural Design
SEM216Stress and Failure Analysis
SEM302Advanced Stress Analysis
SEM327Dynamics of Machines
SEV101Global Environmental Systems (Pre-approved)
SEV201Environmental Health Engineering (Pre-approved)
SEV254Road and Pavement Engineering
SEV300Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structures
SEV331Waste Management Systems
SEV362Geotechnical Engineering
SIT102Introduction to Programming (Pre-approved)
SIT103 Data and Information Management (Pre-approved)
SIT120Introduction to Responsive Web Apps
SIT123Data Capture Technologies
SIT162 Introduction to Creative Technologies (Pre-approved)
SIT190Introduction to Functions, Relations and Graphs
SIT191Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis
SIT192 Discrete Mathematics (Pre-approved)
SIT194 Introduction To Mathematical Modelling (Pre-approved)
SIT202Secure Networking
SIT209Software Engineering 2: Developing Internet-of-Things Applications
SIT215Computational Intelligence
SIT217Software Engineering 1: Robotics Project
SIT221Data Structures and Algorithms
SIT232Object-Oriented Development
SIT253Content Creation for Interactive Experiences
SIT264Authoring of Interactive Media
SIT282Computer Crime and Digital Forensics
SIT284Cyber Security Management
SIT292Linear Algebra for Data Analysis
SIT313Full Stack Development: Secure Frontend Applications
SIT314Software Architecture and Scalability for Internet-of-Things
SIT315Concurrent and Distributed Programming
SIT316Optimisation and Constraint Programming
SIT317Information Technology Innovations and Entrepreneurship
SIT323Cloud Application Development
SIT352Creative Production
SIT396Complex Analysis

Honours units
SEE406Power System Analysis
SEM406Advanced Modelling and Simulation
SER400Virtual and Augmented Interfaces
SEV415Infrastructure Engineering

Postgraduate units
SLE720Risk Assessment and Control
SLE725Environmental Management Systems
SLE741Regional Development Economics and Planning
SLE743Regional Development Modelling
SLE761Research Planning and Communication
SEB725Engineering Entrepreneurship
SEE707Energy Market and Policy
SEN725Urban Stormwater Asset Design
SEP701Continuing Professional Development
SEP702Mastery of Engineering
SET721Engineering Sustainability
SIT703Advanced Digital Forensics
SIT707Software Quality and Testing
SIT716Computer Networks and Security
SIT719Analytics for Security and Privacy
SIT720Machine Learning
SIT722Software Deployment and Operation
SIT726 Information Technology Innovations and Entrepreneurship
SIT735Application and Communication Protocol Security
SIT741Statistical Data Analysis
SIT744Deep Learning
SIT772Database and Information Retrieval
SIT773Software Requirements Analysis and Modelling
SIT774Web Technologies and Development
SIT787Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence
SIT789Applications of Computer Vision and Speech Processing
SIT794Services Management
SIT799Human Aligned Artificial Intelligence
SRM751Principles of Building Information Modelling
SRM776Introduction to Construction Management
SRM777Construction Management Practice
SRQ745Construction Company Management
SRQ762Cost Planning
SRQ764Building Project Evaluation
SRQ774Construction Measurement and Estimating
SRT757Building Systems and Environment

Academic entry requirements

Completion of Year 12 (or equivalent) in your home country must meet the minimum requirements for entry to a Deakin study abroad or exchange program.

Learn more about academic entry requirements.

English language requirements

You need to meet our English language requirements.

  • All incoming undergraduate students are required to meet English Band A.
  • All incoming postgraduate students are required to meet English Band B.

Units from the following study areas have a higher English Requirement:

  • Creative Writing
  • Education
  • Law
  • Nursing
  • Social Work

View Deakin University's English language requirements.

Need English language support?

Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) can help you prepare for entry into a Deakin study abroad or exchange program.

English for Academic Purposes

DUELI offers multiple English for Academic Purposes levels (EAP: 1 through 3) to help you prepare for your Deakin studies.
Once you are placed at the EAP level appropriate to your English skills, you will advance through the levels. Upon successful completion of EAP Level 3, you will meet the English language requirements for most study abroad programs at Deakin University.

General English

Our General English (GE) programs are designed as a pathway to the EAP program, in addition to helping you improve your English language skills for your personal development. Upon successful completion of GE 5 you are eligible to undertake the EAP pathway.
GE students learn English for everyday situations; they learn to speak accurately and clearly, improve their pronunciation and fluency, extend their vocabulary, and continue to develop cross-cultural communication skills.

Learn more about English language requirements.

How can I apply?

The programs are available to independent study abroad students and also to exchange students from Deakin’s partner universities. Tuition fees are payable upon enrolment.

  • Step 1. Pick your units/subjects
    Select the units/subjects you would like to study by exploring the pre-approved units and the Deakin Handbook. Remember to look for subjects that are offered online in Trimester 1 2022. If you have other units that you are interested in and the Handbook doesn’t mention its online offering, please contact us.
  • Step 2: Apply
    Ready to apply? Go to the Deakin Study Abroad and Exchange application portal to lodge your application. Send us an email letting us know that you have applied so we can start processing your application quickly.

What happens after I have applied?

We assess your application and will be in touch about the outcome. Once a place is offered, you will be issued an Offer Letter. We will guide you through the steps on how to accept your offer and make any payments (if applicable).

More information on enrolling (signing up) for your units will be provided to you 3 – 4 weeks before teaching commencement. You will be given access to DeakinSync which is your comprehensive learning, library and support interface, and you are then ready to start your studies at Deakin!

Find out more

Explore the 3-part video series on online study at Deakin:

Part 1: Studying online at Deakin
Part 2: Connection and support
Part 3: Resources and tools

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