Digital Futures

Bridging the digital divide in Victoria

Deakin’s Digital Futures Program aims to accelerate innovation, strategic development and digital transformation on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Supporting Victoria’s digital economy

The Victorian and Federal governments are committed to developing a thriving digital economy and society by attracting talent, upskilling communities and businesses, creating jobs and bridging the digital divide. The potential benefits to the Australian economy through digitalisation are estimated to be as much as $315 billion over the next decade.

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Digital Futures Program in action

Digital Futures Program in action

Find out about the support from government and community organisations. See how we’re aiming to deliver digital support services to local communities and expand resources to all Australians.

For Wyndham, this Digital Futures Network partnership means our community and businesses will have access to learning tools through our libraries and SPARK Innovation Hub, to help them better understand, navigate, communicate, live and operate in this ever-transforming digital world.

Councillor Susan McIntyre

Wyndham City Mayor

Digital Futures Program initiatives

Our Digital Futures ecosystem is made up of many initiatives where we are partnering with government, community and industry, providing access to Deakin’s expertise, research and technology. Our initiatives bring together digital leaders to improve digital infrastructure, technology and cyber security.

Digital Futures Network

Deakin’s Digital Futures Network brings together more than 60 interconnected hubs, including local and state government, public libraries and industry partners across Victoria. The Network aims to highlight and link existing infrastructure and services that can assist communities to connect, upskill and bridge the digital divide.

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eCommerce Accelerator Lab

The Deakin-Megantic eCommerce Accelerator Lab is a joint initiative designed to support the national and international market competitiveness of medium-size online retail business through improved eCommerce platforms. Participating companies received $800,000 in vouchers to support their inclusion in the program.

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Deakin Cyber Research and Innovation Centre

The Deakin Cyber Research and Innovation Centre is supported by the Digital Futures Program. Deakin Cyber brings together researchers with complementary expertise, including cyber security leaders from some of Australia’s best-known companies to deliver research and thought leadership on cyber resilience and trust.

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Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute

The Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) tackles real-world problems using methods grounded in modern machine learning, deep learning and software engineering practices to make discoveries to advance knowledge and build systems that benefit society.

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Critical Digital Infrastructures and Interfaces Group

The Critical Digital Infrastructures and Interfaces (CDII) Group explores the roles of digital infrastructures and interfaces in our communities. The team’s technology research supports industry professionals in building more secure, ethical and human-centric digital technologies.

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Meet our Digital Futures director

Meet our Digital Futures director

Digital Futures is led by international innovation expert Professor Gjoko Muratovski. Professor Muratovski has been an invited member of thought-leading organisations such as the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows, Yale higher Education Leadership Summit, Oxford Digital Leaders Network, Stanford Institute for innovation in Developing Economies and the Forbes Councils.

Information technology research centres

Information technology (IT) is an essential tool for innovation and productivity across a wide range of sectors. In partnership with Deakin’s School of Information Technology, the Digital Futures Program is home to three IT research centres.

Centre for Software, Systems and Society

The Centre for Software, Systems and Society (CSSS) conducts fundamental and applied research for the specification, creation, evaluation and efficient operation of innovative, software-supported systems.

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Data to Intelligence Research Centre

The Data to Intelligence Research Centre (D2I) solves problems for data, data modelling, complex networks and decision making, based on advanced data science, mathematics and machine learning.

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Centre for Internet of Things Ecosystem Research and Experimentation

The Centre for Internet of Things Ecosystem Research and Experimentation (CITECORE) addresses IoT research and innovation challenges related to a smart data-driven world, future digital technologies, machine intelligence and cyber security

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Digital Futures Program online courses

The Digital Futures Program has free online courses to develop business skills. You can join at any time and learn with like-minded peers. An average course lasts for 2 weeks and requires 3 to 4 hours of learning per week. We have the following courses available:

Digital Strategy Report

For more information about the Digital Futures Program’s alignment with the State and Federal government’s digital strategies, download the Digital Strategy Report prepared by the Digital Futures Program in May 2023.

Deakin projects funded by the Victorian Government's Higher Education State Investment Fund

AquaFi Lab

AquaFI Lab research focuses on sustainable fish production and novel feed and aquaculture technology development.

AquaFi Lab

Battery Research and Innovation Hub

An innovative research centre focused on advanced battery prototyping and commercialisation.

Battery Research and Innovation Hub

Deakin Queenscliff Marine Science Centre

Our Queenscliff Marine Science Centre has seawater aquarium rooms, a large tank area and a high-performance computing lab.

Deakin Queenscliff Marine Science Centre

Genesis Simulator

Deakin’s $9 million Genesis Simulator is the only one of its type in Australia. It offers an immersive simulation experience via a 360-degree, 5-metre-high screen and variable virtual worlds.

Genesis Simulator


One of Australia’s first facilities equipped to manufacture new hydrogen technologies, Hycel is translating research and development into clean energy and transport innovation.


Innovation in Technology, Science and Health Program

Includes environmental science labs; virtual reality infrastructure and immersive projection mapping facilities; nursing simulation centre; and digital health technologies.

Innovation in Technology, Science and Health Program

Integrated Water Management

Our Waurn Ponds Campus environment is a ‘living laboratory’ for applied research, it includes a network of ponds, and constructed wetland and irrigation systems.

Integrated Water Management


Australia’s unique advanced manufacturing innovation hub that helps businesses to accelerate success through its unique facilities, programs and services.


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