Hycel is a ground-breaking hydrogen research centre, paving the way for Australia’s clean energy future.

Hydrogen for a cleaner future

As one of Australia’s first facilities for safely testing, manufacturing, optimising and training in new hydrogen technologies, Hycel is focused on technologies that use hydrogen rather than processes that produce it.

Hycel will be a ‘living laboratory’ that translates lab results into real-world solutions. Hycel’s Establishment phase is supported by $2 million in Commonwealth Government funding.

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Deakin University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Iain Martin, discusses Warrnambool-based Hycel and its groundbreaking hydrogen research and development into clean energy and transport innovation.

Hycel's focus areas

At a global level, the hydrogen market is predicted to reduce carbon emissions by 6 billion tonnes annually, employ up to 30 million people and be worth around $US2.5 trillion by 2050.

Hycel is working with researchers, industry, government and communities to ready Australia for the hydrogen economy.

With a focus on hydrogen usage in transport and gas industries, Hycel’s technological innovations aim to deliver clean, affordable energy solutions that meet Australian and Victorian emissions reduction targets and develop Australia’s hydrogen economy.

Boosting jobs and skills training

Hycel leverages Deakin University's expertise in advanced materials, energy systems, IT and social sciences. Located at Deakin’s Warrnambool campus, Hycel will create up to 200 full-time roles across the region over the next ten years, if fully funded.

Hycel will also develop unique training opportunities in growing industries, through partnering with South West TAFE. With increased investment in education, Victoria’s south-west will become a destination for renewable energy skills training.

Hycel’s facilities will be designed from the ground-up to test technologies at scale and deliver targeted solutions that bolster industries and provide new energy opportunities. Partnering with energy and transport companies strengthens local connections to national and international leaders and puts Australia at the forefront of global clean energy innovation.

Strengthening Victoria’s south-west economy

Strategically located in Warrnambool, Hycel is situated along a key transport corridor that connects industries, communities and resources across the regions.

As a hub for testing hydrogen technologies at a scale, Hycel builds momentum for Victoria’s south-west to capitalise on increasing global demand for hydrogen. With unique access to resources, including wind, water and shipping ports, Hycel will support the region to attract further investment, realising Australia’s potential to become a major exporter of hydrogen and technologies that enable its use.

Ultimately, Hycel will support the region’s long-term economic security and growth by boosting new local industries, creating jobs, and attracting new industries and businesses to the area.

What's next?

Hycel's Establishment phase is well underway, delivering research, safety, training and regulatory foundations in hydrogen over an initial 18-month period, supported by $2 million in Commonwealth funding.

If funded, the Technology phase will see the creation of a hydrogen precinct site, Hycel Technology Hub, at Deakin Warrnambool. This precinct will be a regional hub of hydrogen application expertise.

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