Hydrogen for a cleaner future

Hycel is an industry informed and led regional hub advancing Australia's clean energy transition. We connect Deakin's hydrogen research and education capability with industry, government, and community partners.

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Working together

Hycel leverages Deakin’s renowned research capability in advanced materials and manufacturing, engineering, energy systems, IT, artificial intelligence, techno-economics and social sciences, complemented by world-leading infrastructure and equipment.

Our research is approached holistically, tackling technological challenges in mobility and materials and manufacturing alongside developing solutions for education, training, and social licence. Research and project teams work together to meet the needs of industry and partners.

Since Hycel’s establishment, the team has developed strong connections to industry, government, research, and community. In this next phase of our evolution, our strategic plan targets enhancement of Hycel’s impact and growth as a regional hub of hydrogen expertise.

Professor Tiffany Walsh, Hycel Director

Towards zero emissions

Hycel is developing practical hydrogen technologies, products, and pathways to support the transition to a zero emissions future and address the challenge of climate change. Deakin is committed to advancing sustainability through education, operations and research. Sustainability is a core university value.

Download Deakin Sustainability Commitments 2020-2030 (PDF, 7.7MB)

Strengthening Victoria’s regional economy

Strategically located in Warrnambool, the Hycel Technology Hub is situated along a key transport corridor that connects industries, communities and resources. As a regional hub for testing hydrogen technologies at scale, we're building momentum for the region to capitalise on the increasing national and global demand for hydrogen, and supporting the local economy to attract further investment.

Work with us

If you're interested in using the Hycel Technology Hub for research or education, would like to explore collaboration opportunities or join our team, please get in touch.

Our research and projects

Our research and projects

Hycel is focussed on the areas of mobility, materials and manufacturing innovations, education and social licence.

Our facilities and equipment

Our facilities and equipment

The Hycel Technology Hub is an Australian-leading hydrogen facility dedicated to research, testing, prototyping, education and training. The facility features purpose-built incubation spaces for industry.

Our researchers

The Hycel team is located at Deakin’s Warrnambool, Geelong and Melbourne campuses. Our research network connects the strength of Deakin’s applied research capability to hydrogen.

Tiffany Walsh, Hycel Director

Professor Tiffany Walsh is Hycel's Director and Professor of Bionanotechnology in the Institute for Frontier Materials. Her research interests and expertise focus on molecular modelling, chiefly of interfaces, using molecular dynamics simulations and first-principles calculations.

Michael Pereira, Hycel Deputy Director

Associate Professor Michael Pereira is Hycel's Deputy Director and an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cell modelling, testing and manufacture.


Deakin acknowledges the support from the Australian and Victorian governments, who each contributed $9 million to establish the Hycel Technology Hub, Hycel project team and research program.

Contact us

For all enquiries, please email the team at hycel@deakin.edu.au