Recognition of prior learning

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We value your experience and qualifications. That’s why every new course application at Deakin is automatically assessed for recognition of prior learning.

What is recognition of prior learning?

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) turns your study and life experience into course credit that can reduce your study duration, as well as the cost of your tuition. We consider all university, TAFE and private tertiary education provider qualifications from around the world, as well as informal learning that relates to your course.

How to apply for RPL

Applying for RPL is easy at Deakin. If you’re a future student, RPL is automatically assessed with your course application. That means where you can demonstrate that you’ve achieved learning outcomes equivalent to learning outcomes in the course or units you’re applying for, you may be given RPL credit. Learning outcomes may include your previous study, as well as any relevant knowledge and experience.

Future students

When you apply for a course at Deakin, we’ll use the information in your application to assess your eligibility for RPL. When you receive your offer, your credit entitlement will be confirmed with your offer, or as soon as possible. If you want credit for specific units from a previous course, upload the supporting documents required with your course application.

Current students

Simply complete the online RPL application form to apply. You'll be prompted to upload relevant supporting documents to provide evidence of your learning outcomes and give you the best chance of ensuring credit.

Research students

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students and applicants may request RPL only for coursework components of the degree by including a written request and supporting evidence in their application. Requests for an RPL assessment for HDR students must be made by via email.

International students

Future international students can request an RPL assessment by indicating this on the international application for undergraduate or postgraduate study form. You’ll need to provide supporting documents relevant to the type of previous study or experience you’d like assessed.

Understanding RPL

An introduction to understanding and applying for recognition of prior learning at Deakin.

How to apply for RPL

Find out how to boost your application for RPL and how you can use it to fast-track your degree and reduce your tuition fees.

Application criteria and deadlines

The qualifications in your application must be completed within the last 10 years. Shorter time periods apply for some courses. Please check the course, discipline or professional accreditation information or contact our Domestic Admissions or International Admissions teams. Make sure to apply for RPL as soon as you enrol in your course. Applications for units in the current teaching period must be submitted by the first day of Week 1.

Transferring to Deakin

Are you interested in transferring to Deakin? We can recognise the units you've already completed through RPL. This will reduce your tuition and study duration by turning your previous work and study experience into credit. Transfer to Deakin to discover why our students are the most satisfied university students in Victoria.*

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How much credit can I get?

For most courses, Deakin policy requires that at least one third of the course needs to be completed at Deakin in the current course. Where this is not the case, the credit limit is detailed in the following table or in course, discipline or professional accreditation information. Please remember limitations do apply and are dependent on the requirements of external accrediting associations.

Type of course Maximum credit you can receive Minimum credit you must undertake
Associate degree (16 credit points) 10 credit points 6 credit points
3-year bachelor degree (24 credit points) 16 credit points 8 credit points
4-year bachelor degree (32 credit points) 21 credit points 11 credit points
Graduate certificate (4 credit points) 2 credit points 2 credit points
Graduate diploma (8 credit points) 4 credit points 4 credit points
Masters degree (coursework) (12 credit points) 8 credit points 4 credit points
Masters degree (coursework) (16 credit points) 10 credit points 6 credit points

This table is a guide only and credit limitations are subject to course rules.

The total credit given can include combinations of specified and unspecified credit for individual units and block credit.

When deciding how much credit is appropriate and the level of learning that should be demonstrated, our assessors need to ensure that the integrity of the course is maintained and that your studies aren’t disadvantaged. You’ll still need to successfully complete sufficient units at the appropriate AQF level to demonstrate achievement of the course learning outcomes.

Recognition of prior learning calculator

Use the calculator below to discover what you may be able to gain credit for. Please note you may need to disable Chrome Autofill to be able to select from the Check your country field.

  1. If your country isn't listed here, it means that we don't have any current information available for institutions/qualifications from that country. You may still receive credit for previous study, and we will review your study history at the point of admission. Please contact us directly to learn if you qualify.
  2. If your institution isn't displayed, it means that we don't have any current information available for that institution. You may still receive credit for previous study, and we will review your study history at the point of admission. Please contact us directly to learn if you qualify.
  3. Credit arrangements have been established for the following courses. If your course isn't displayed, please check your units below to find any specific matches.
  4. Check your previously completed units against our credit database. Please note that credit isn't granted for 'fail', 'pass conceded' or equivalent grades. To check, enter the unit code or unit name. You can enter as many units as you like by selecting 'add another unit'.

Other factors to keep in mind

  • Deakin will provide credit for overseas qualifications when they're benchmarked against relevant Australian qualifications.
  • Centrelink benefits may be affected if your study load becomes part time. Speak to a student adviser about maintaining a full-time load.
  • Check with your relevant professional association to see if receiving RPL may affect your recognition (and note that credit may not be available for courses that require accreditation).
  • Even if you're eligible for RPL, you'll still need to meet the entry requirements for the course you're applying for.
  • RPL will not be awarded for Certificate IV qualifications.
  • Postgraduate students are not eligible for credit for undergraduate units.
  • RPL will only be granted for 50% of a major/specialisation – the remainder of the major/specialisation needs to be completed at Deakin in the current degree.
  • RPL will not be granted for capstone, work-integrated placements or other units as determined by the teaching faculty. Please read Deakin's recognition of prior learning policy for more information.

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Recognition of prior learning

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Do you offer any guaranteed recognition of prior learning (RPL)?

We can only confirm your RPL once you have submitted an application. We assess applications on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration your previous course structure, credit weightings and in-depth unit assessments and learning outcomes in comparison to the units we offer here at Deakin.

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How much recognition of prior learning (RPL) will I receive?

Use our calculator to see what credit you may be eligible for at Deakin. Please note, this is an indication only. If your institution is not listed, it's still possible to receive credit.

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What documents do I need to provide to be assessed for RPL?

Supporting documents that provide evidence of your prior learning outcomes will give you the best chance of getting as much credit as possible. Deakin offers different types of credit, with each requiring different documents that benefit your application.

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How can I transfer directly to Deakin?

While you are not able to transfer directly between institutions, you can submit an application as a new student. Once you receive an offer from Deakin, you may be eligible to receive recognition of prior learning (RPL) based on the study you have completed at your previous institution.

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How do I apply for RPL?

RPL will automatically be assessed with your course application – no further action is required. If you’re an international student, you can request an RPL assessment on your international application for undergraduate and postgraduate study form. Speak to your authorised agent or browse the how to apply page for more information.

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