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Donating to one of our key priority funds allows you to have an impact on Deakin in a way that's most meaningful to you – whether that's an equity scholarship, life-changing research or providing assistance to a student who's fallen into financial difficulty.

Deakin Achieving Potential Scholarship Fund

Far too many people miss out on the benefits of a life-changing education because their circumstances prevent them from being able to study. Scholarships change this equation. The Deakin Achieving Potential Scholarship Fund supports scholarships that prioritise equity and opportunity, providing greater access to education for talented students, regardless of their background.

In 2023, we were able to help one in every five students who asked for scholarship support to study at Deakin. In 2024 and beyond, we'd like this ratio to improve. And with your generous support, it can. With more donations to this fund, we can offer more scholarships and build a brighter future for students who may be financially disadvantaged, a recent refugee, or have a disability. With your support, we can change their future for the better.

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Enayat's story of hope and resilience

Enayat's story of hope and resilience

Learn first-hand how much your support means to scholarship recipients like Enayat; the first in his family to achieve the dream of going to university.

Deakin Early Career Researchers Fund

Whether it’s working across climate science, engineering innovation, medical research or Indigenous Knowledge, Deakin research continues to create new insights and make important discoveries that build a better world for all of us. The Deakin Early Career Researchers Fund directly contributes to these breakthroughs by helping early career researchers, providing focused grants that enable researchers to extend their work and research focus.

Early career researchers are the engine room of Deakin research, yet often the greatest challenge they face is securing funding for their ideas, innovations and collaborations. Your donation directly helps kickstart research careers, contributes to new breakthroughs and supports vital innovation.

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Supporting the Deakin Early Career Researchers Fund

Find out why your support for the Deakin Early Career Researchers Fund is so important to Deakin Early Career Researchers and the impact they can have on the world.

Supporting the Deakin Early Career Researchers Fund

My research addresses national priority areas of poor diet and cardiovascular health. Supporting a Deakin Early Career Researcher means supporting a future leader who is dynamic and creative with their research. Thanks for your support.

Dr Katherine Livingstone

NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow, Institute for Physical Activity And Nutrition

Which cause is right for you?

We focus our philanthropic activities on five interconnected themes – Advancing society, culture and the economy; Building safe and secure communities; Creating smarter technologies; Enabling a sustainable world; and Improving health and wellbeing. Explore where your passion for impact and change aligns with ours and how you can support what is most meaningful to you.

The power of giving

The power of giving

Whether it's fuelling our researchers’ quest in finding long-term solutions to local and global challenges, or supporting the future ambitions of a student on scholarship – we proudly celebrate and share stories of the extraordinary generosity of our donors.

Student Emergency Assistance Fund

This important fund provides students with financial relief during a difficult time, allowing them to continue their studies unencumbered by financial burden or stress. It's designed to support students with lifeline emergency grants in their time of need – whether that's helping to keep a roof over their head or keeping their internet connection to access study materials.

Your donation directly supports these one-off grants of up to $1000, helping to keep students in uni today, supporting their goal to become the doctor, engineer, artist or business leader who contributes to our communities tomorrow.

Donate to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund today

A helping hand

Lachie is an international relations student who received the Student Emergency Fund in 2021. The grant was able to help Lachie during the pandemic, and provides life-changing opportunities to students.

'The pandemic has been extremely tough on me, not just academically, but in life generally. Whilst I have been able to maintain reasonable grades, maintaining those grades almost solely online has been extremely stressful and anxiety-inducing in comparison to on-campus study.

'Receiving this money has enabled me to take a few days off enabling me to recharge my batteries so to speak without having the constant stress and anxiety which losing income has when I am unable to work meaning that I am able to cover my rent and other necessary expenses.'

Looking to the future, Lachie is hoping to put his studies and part-time work experience into an internship where he can apply his skills and knowledge, hoping one day to be able to influence Australian foreign policy in a variety of positive pathways. Lachie hopes to one day be able to contribute to the program as he knows firsthand the huge impact these grants make on the students' lives.

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