International partnerships

Deakin places a high priority on connecting globally with industry, government, research institutes, not-for-profit organisations and like-minded universities around the world. The University has a wide range of partnerships that contribute to and enhance Deakin’s international reach.

Building global connections

Deakin partners with over 500 organisations in more than 65 countries across the world. Our partnerships support a range of academic and research collaborations, staff mobility and global learning programs.

The interactive map below displays Deakin’s partners across the globe and provides a snapshot of where our partners are located and the types of collaborations in place.

Please note that the data in this map is correct at the time of publishing in June 2021. For any further details please contact the International Relations Office.

Using this map

  • Use the top-left filter to browse partner countries and collaboration types by selecting the relevant check box.
  • To add or remove countries and collaboration types from your current view, select the relevant check box.
  • Partners that are geographically close are clustered together. Please zoom in or out to view the required partner.
  • To report a problem with the map, please contact the International Relations Office.

Building a global research footprint

Deakin has established partnerships with some of the world’s leading research organisations, allowing us to make a global impact in many research fields from health to advanced manufacturing.

Our many research ties in China include partnerships with the Beijing Pharma and Biotech Centre and the Sino-Australian Initiative for Automotive Materials with steel giant WISCO. In Indonesia, we have links with over 40 Indonesian universities to support joint research programs.

Our long-standing Deakin India Research Initiative (DIRI) is bridging the innovation gap between industry and academia through industry-relevant research in areas such as composite materials, food security and biotech applications. Deakin and The Energy Resource Institute of India (TERI) have also established the TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre that brings together Deakin's cutting edge expertise in nanomaterials and TERI's extensive biotech experience. The centre's research activities include delivery of Deakin PhD programs under expert supervision in a range of nanobiotechnology related fields.

International Relations Office

Our International Relations Office (IRO) assists in developing sustainable and multi-faceted partnerships that support academic collaboration, pathways for international students into Deakin, recognition of prior learning, expansion of international teaching and learning and global mobility of staff and students, including student exchange, study abroad and short-term programs.

International visits

Deakin hosts numerous high-level delegations from around the globe every year. Enhancing and fostering global engagement and strategic partnerships is one of Deakin’s key priorities. Our international visits are of upmost importance and value to supporting the development of sustainable and mutually beneficial bilateral and multi-lateral partnerships.

Overseas study – graduates with global skills

Deakin prepares capable, confident and skilled graduates with a global mindset by building partnerships with universities and organisations around the world that allow our students to study and gain work experience overseas. Deakin Abroad offers full semester exchange, short term partner programs, faculty led study tours and global experiential learning which includes work integrated learning (internships), social impact programs and a high achiever series.

Deakin is a leader in sending students overseas on New Colombo Plan funded programs and have partnerships with universities in more than 150 countries. Deakin runs a successful Global Citizenship Program, recognising our students who engage in internationalisation in a significant way throughout their degree, boosting their chances at a successful entry into a globalised job market.

International offices

Deakin has an offshore presence in 12 countries. Our global offices support successful long-term international alliances with industries, governments, partners and communities.

Our offices are located in: India, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Kenya. We also have staff based in a number of countries who contribute to our international work including Malaysia, Denmark, the US, Uruguay and Brazil.

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