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Study overseas as part of your Deakin degree and discover a world full of opportunities. Experience new cultures, make friends from all over the world and gain a competitive edge whilst travelling the globe.

Virtual Global Learning Programs: online study abroad and programs on offer. Click to learn more.

UPDATE from Deakin Abroad (7 October 2021): Due to the high level of uncertainty, the university has decided to cancel all face-to-face global learning programs scheduled to commence prior to May 2022.

However, in exciting news we are now accepting applications for 2022 trimester 2 exchange. While we hope face-to-face programs will go ahead in the second half of 2022, all applications will be treated as expressions of interest until the university deems it safe for face-to-face learning abroad programs to recommence.

Depending on travel advice we may be able to offer face-to-face learning abroad programs in the June/July 2022 break. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide an update as soon as possible

While face-to-face learning abroad programs are still suspended, Deakin will continue offering virtual global learning programs. If you are interested in a virtual program, please see below our short term partner program or virtual internship (Global Experiential Learning) options.

Global Citizenship Program

Add value to your degree through the Global Citizenship Program.

Trimester Abroad

Study overseas at one of Deakin's many partner universities for one trimester or a full year.

fdsShort Term Partner Programs

A fantastic way to fast track your degree, study in the June/July break or T3.

Global Experiential Learning

Gain work or research experience, or support the development of a community overseas.

New Colombo Plan

A prestigious scholarships program for study and internships in the Indo-Pacific region.

Faculty-led Study Programs

Join a group of fellow students and study your favourite subject overseas.

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