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International SOS

Deakin has partnered with International SOS, to provide you with medical support, security advice and risk management training before your travel. While travelling you should contact International SOS for any emergency travel assistance. International SOS is your first point of contact for any non-emergency, health and security related enquiries.

This service is available to all students on approved international programs.

Examples of services available to you prior to and during your time abroad include:

  • medical advice on vaccinations and travel safety tips before travelling overseas
  • a discussion with a doctor about a medical condition (physical or emotional)
  • up-to-date travel security risk assessment of your itinerary
  • help finding a doctor or pharmacy if you are feeling unwell
  • help if you are injured
  • help if you have any concerns for your safety at any time
  • help if you are experiencing anxiety or other stress-related symptoms.

Prior to travel, you should view the online country information for your destination. If you need more in-depth information or have questions specific to your personal health and safety, call the International SOS Assistance Centre before you travel.

Prior to travel

  1. Download the International SOS app onto your phone to receive real time alerts and information.
  2. Upload your itinerary to My Trips either manually or by forwarding your e-ticket to DeakinUniTravel@itinerary.internationalsos.com using your Deakin email address.
  3. Register with Travel Tracker.
  4. Read up on your destination country guides at Internationalsos.com using Deakin’s membership login available from International travel insurance page.

While you are travelling

  1. Always call International SOS at the first sign that you need assistance.
  2. Update your details on the Assistance App and/or My Trips if you have purchased a local SIM.
  3. When your itinerary changes, update your travel details via My Trips either manually or by forwarding your e-ticket to DeakinUniTravel@itinerary.internationalsos.com.

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