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International travel insurance

Deakin provides travel insurance that covers medical and additional expenses as a result of injury or illness, emergency travel assistance, loss of baggage, loss of personal effects, personal liability, loss of deposits and additional travel expenses while on approved international study-related travel.

Duration of travel insurance cover

Once you have registered for travel insurance, the travel insurance policy provides insurance cover for approved international study-related travel up to 12 months. This includes a maximum of 10 days leisure travel (either immediately before or after the study component – or a combination of both), at no cost to you.

When is insurance not provided?

Insurance cover is not provided where a journey is undertaken:

  • against the advice of a doctor
  • when the person is unfit to travel
  • for the purpose of seeking medical attention for a pre-existing condition.

This includes expenses incurred:

  • for any medication or ongoing treatment for a pre-existing condition
  • in relation to a terminal condition, which was diagnosed prior to the journey commencing.

What is the excess?

A $0 excess applies to all medical claims. A $100 excess (deductible) applies to all non-medical claims.

When not to travel

Deakin students travelling on University-approved international travel must not travel to countries/cities/regions that are listed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) as level 4 ‘Do not travel’. For a current listing of these destinations refer to the DFAT Smart Traveller website.

Registering for travel insurance

Students must complete the international travel insurance registration form and email it to travel.insurance@deakin.edu.au. The form should be submitted at least 10 working days prior to your departure. Your registration will be confirmed by email within three working days. Please note, you are not covered under the Deakin travel insurance policy until you are in receipt of a travel insurance confirmation email from the insurance office.

We recommend that you download a copy of the travel insurance schedule and for a copy of the travel insurance policy wording please contact the insurance office.

Emergency travel assistance contacts

Deakin has partnered with International SOS to provide travel assistance services. If you need any routine or emergency travel assistance, please contact international SOS at +61 2 9372 2468.

If you require medical and/or travel assistance that will result in an insurance claim, International SOS will then coordinate your case with Chubb insurance. Please liaise International SOS for all matters that require assistance.

Deakin's International SOS membership number is 12AYCA655347

Additional leisure travel

If you are taking more than 10 days of leisure travel you will need to purchase a separate stand-alone private travel insurance policy to provide insurance cover for the additional leisure days (in excess of 10 days leisure travel), or for accompanying travellers, or for domestic travel within Australia.

Students that need to purchase a private travel insurance policy, should familiarise themselves with the details on the private travel insurance policy page.

Covid-19 FAQs

Pre-departure in Australia

I have contracted COVID-19 before my departure date – am I covered?

Yes, the policy will respond to any out-of-pocket expenses in relation to the cancellation of your travel. We encourage you to engage with your airline or travel agent in the first instance to recoup any cancellation costs.

All medical cover would fall under the Australian Medicare system or equivalent as the journey has not commenced.

My flight has been cancelled by the airline – am I covered?

If the flight has been cancelled due to a COVID-19 event, there is no cancellation cover afforded, however, we encourage you to recoup these costs through the airline or travel agent.  If the flight has been cancelled in any other situation, then the policy will respond in its entirety.

During international travel

I have contracted COVID-19 while overseas – am I covered?

Yes, the policy will respond to medical treatment and related travel costs.

I have contracted COVID-19 overseas and wish to return home – am I covered?

Yes, the policy will respond to any subsequent out-of-pocket repatriation costs back to Australia.

I am travelling overseas, and they have just shut the border to that country – am I covered?

No, the policy will not respond to cancellation expenses, in the event the cancellation has been triggered by a non-medically related COVID-19 event.

The Australian Government has directed me to return home to Australia, as they are electing to close their borders again for the safety of Australian Citizens – am I covered?

No, COVID-19 has been a known event since the 2nd of March 2020 and the policy would not respond to these out-of-pocket expenses. This is a risk borne by travellers wishing to leave Australia in the current environment.

How to make a claim

Claims under all sections of the policy must be lodged as soon as possible after the date of loss. In order that your claim is processed quickly, please ensure you submit all supporting documentation (statements, receipts, valuations, accounts etc) with a fully completed claim form to travel.insurance@deakin.edu.au. We will then complete the approval part of section 3 and forward the documents to the insurer’s claims team at Fullerton Health.

Download the Corporate Services Network (CSN) international travel insurance claim form.

If you require any further information, please contact Deakin's insurance office.

Contact us

If you require any further information, please contact our insurance office.