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Hein Online

Also known as Heinonline

HeinOnline gives access to over 1,000 law journals. The English Reports and the Philip C. Jessup Library, and Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law are also included. Includes four centuries of research covering: History, Law, Political Science, Business, Public Policy, Government, Criminal Justice. All material from inception, fully-searchable, and in PDF format, including all charts, graphs, pictures, photographs and footnotes.
Licence and access information

Authorised users

- Deakin students
- Deakin staff
- Remote Deakin users


- Downloading of limited portions
- Printing of a single copy of an article/chapter
- Saving a single copy of an article/chapter for personal use
- Emailing a copy of an article/chapter to an authorised user

Not allowed

- Use for Deakin College
- Creating a link
- Including an article/chapter in online course material
- Including an article/chapter in print course material
- Including an article/chapter in offline course material e.g. CD ROM
- Commercial use
- Provision for inclusion in an institutional repository
- Removing or modifying copyright or source details
- Systematic downloading of content including by software such as web crawlers or harvesters

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