Other Projects

Investigating the dynamics of migration and health in Australia: A Longitudinal study

Using multiple rounds of panel data from the Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) and longitudinal techniques, this ARC funded project will address the following key research areas which are central to our understanding of migration and health:

  • Determining the healthy immigrant effect
  • Determine the health services utilisation behaviour and health of migrants
  • Acculturation of health behaviour and their causal association with the dynamics of subsequent health status
  • Examine whether social networks and support has a direct effect on health, or mediates and/or modifies the impact of migration and acculturation on health

This project is funded by the Australian Research Council.

Life and living in advanced age: the cohort study (LiLAC study)

Dr Santosh Jatrana is a Co- Investigators for an HRC funded longitudinal study of the oldest old (85+) to learn what contributes to a long and healthy life in New Zealand. This study aims to investigate what factors predict successful advanced ageing for older Maori and non-Maori, what pathways do those in advanced age take, what is the relative importance of health, frailty, cultural, social and economic factors (and others) to relevant outcomes and the health status of those in advanced age?

SoFIE (Survey of Family, Income and Employment) - Primary Care

Dr Santosh Jatrana is the Principal Investigator of this HRC (Health Research Council of New Zealand) funded longitudinal study of 20,000 adults that aims to investigate the associations and causal pathways between sociodemographic characteristics (e.g. ethnicity, socio-economic position, and region) and primary care attributes (e.g. affiliation with a primary care provider, access and continuity (PCAAC)) in New Zealand.

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11th January 2013