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Dr Julie Sharp

Position: Research Fellow
Phone: +61 3 522 71180
Campus: G


Research interests:

Comparative genomics of lactation using models with novel lactation phenotypes (eg. Fur seals, echidnas and platypus) to study mammary gland function and evolution using molecular and cellular biology approaches. Dr Sharp also has an interest in the molecular mechanisms controlling involution and apoptosis of the mammary gland during weaning and how these mechanisms can be used as treatments in cancer therapy.


  • PhD - Molecular Genetics, Department of Genetics, University of Melbourne.
  • Master of Science (Prelim), Department of Genetics, University of Melbourne.
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Biotechnology, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Relevant employment history:

July 2008 - present: Research Fellow (Level C), Institute for Technology Research and Innovation, Deakin University, Geelong.
2003 - 2008: Research Fellow 2 (Level B), Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne, Parkville.
1998 - 2003: Research Fellow 1 (Level A), Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne,
1990-1993: Research Assistant Grade 1 and 2, Department of Genetics, University of Melbourne, Australia.

A list of the ten most significant relevant publications for the last five years:

  1. Sharp JA, Lefevre C and Nicholas KR. Lack of functional alpha-lactalbumin prevents involution in Cape fur seals and identifies the protein is an apoptotic milk factor in mammary gland involution. BMC Biology. In Press.
  2. Warren WC, Hillier LW, Marshall Graves JA, Birney E, Ponting CP, Grützner F, Belov K, Miller W, Clarke L, Chinwalla AT, Yang SP, Heger A, Locke DP, Miethke P, Waters PD, Veyrunes F, Fulton L, Fulton B, Graves T, Wallis J, Puente XS, López-Otín C, Ordóñez GR, Eichler EE, Chen L, Cheng Z, Deakin JE, Alsop A, Thompson K, Kirby P, Papenfuss AT, Wakefield MJ, Olender T, Lancet D, Huttley GA, Smit AF, Pask A, Temple-Smith P, Batzer MA, Walker JA, Konkel MK, Harris RS, Whittington CM, Wong ES, Gemmell NJ, Buschiazzo E, Vargas Jentzsch IM, Merkel A, Schmitz J, Zemann A, Churakov G, Kriegs JO, Brosius J, Murchison EP, Sachidanandam R, Smith C, Hannon GJ, Tsend-Ayush E, McMillan D, Attenborough R, Rens W, Ferguson-Smith M, Lefèvre CM, Sharp JA, Nicholas KR, Ray DA, Kube M, Reinhardt R, Pringle TH, Taylor J, Jones RC, Nixon B, Dacheux JL, Niwa H, Sekita Y, Huang X, Stark A, Kheradpour P, Kellis M, Flicek P, Chen Y, Webber C, Hardison R, Nelson J, Hallsworth-Pepin K, Delehaunty K, Markovic C, Minx P, Feng Y, Kremitzki C, Mitreva M, Glasscock J, Wylie T, Wohldmann P, Thiru P, Nhan MN, Pohl CS, Smith SM, Hou S, Renfree MB, Mardis ER, Wilson RK. Genome analysis of the platypus reveals unique signatures of evolution. Nature, 2008, 8;453(7192):175-83
  3. Sharp JA, Mailer SL, Thomson PC, Lefèvre C and Kevin R. Nicholas. Identification and transcript analysis of a novel wallaby (Macropus eugenii) basal-like breast cancer cell line. Mol Cancer. 2008 7;7(1):1
  4. Sharp JA, Digby M, Lefevre C, Mailer SL, Khalil E, Topcic D, August A, Kwek J, Brennan AJ, Familari M and Nicholas KR. The comparative genomics of tammar wallaby and fur seal lactation; models to examine function of milk proteins. In; Milk Proteins: From Expression to Food (Editors: A. Thompson, M. Boland, H. Singh) Elsevier. 2008.
  5. Sharp JA, Lefevre C, Nicholas KR. Molecular evolution of monotreme and marsupial whey acidic protein genes. Evol Dev. 2007 9(4):378-92.
  6. Sharp JA, Lefevre C, Brennan AJ and Nicholas KR. The Fur Seal – a Model Lactation Phenotype to Explore Molecular Factors Involved in the Initiation of Apoptosis at Involution. Journal of Mammary Gland Biol and Neoplasia. 2007 12 (1): 47-58.
  7. Sharp JA, Cane KN, Mailer SM, OosthuizenWH , Arnould JP and Nicholas KR. Species-specific cell-matrix interactions are essential for differentiation of alveoli like structures and milk gene expression in primary mammary cells of the Cape fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus).Matrix Biol. 2006, 25(7):430-42.
  8. Sharp JA, Cane KN, Lefevre C, Arnould JP and Nicholas KR. Fur seal adaptations to lactation: insights into mammary gland function. Curr Top Dev Biol. 2006, 72:275-308.
  9. Sharp JA, Cane, KC Arnould JP and Nicholas KR. The lactation cycle of the fur seal. Journal of Dairy Research, 2005, 72 ( Supp 1): 81-89.
  10. Sharp JA, Waltham M, Williams ED, Henderson MA and Thompson EW. Transfection of MDA-MB-231 human breast carcinoma cells with bone sialoprotein (BSP) stimulates migration and invasion in vitro and growth of primary and secondary tumors in nude mice. Clinical and Exp Metastasis, 2004 21 (1): 19-29.

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