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Also known as Over drive

OverDrive eBooks are available in virtually all subjects: best-selling fiction and non-fiction, business, career & professional development, history, current events, technology, travel, foreign... [more]

Licence and access information

Access information

If Abode Digital Editions gives an error message that says "E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY_OR_PKCS12 code." -- deauthorize ADE (Ctrl, Shift and D) to remove authorisation and reset authorization.

Authorised users

- Deakin Students
- Deakin Staff
- Remote Deakin users
-Community members
-Alumni members
-Walk-in users


- Downloading of limited portions
-Saving a single copy of an article/chapter for personal use

Not allowed

Printing of a single copy of an article/chapter
-Emailing a copy of an article/chapter to an authorised user
-Including an article/chapter in on-line course material
-Including an article/chapter in print course material
-Including an article/chapter in off-line course material e.g. CD ROM
-Commercial use
-Removing or modifying copyright or source details
-Systematic downloading of content including by software such as web crawlers or harvesters
-Interlibrary loan
- Provision for inclusion in an institutional repository
-Use for MIBT
-Creating a link