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Australian Public Affairs Information Service - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Subset (APAIS- ATSIS), produced by the National Library of Australia, is a subset of the APAIS database. APAIS is a bibliographic database that indexes articles from published material on the social sciences and humanities. The APAIS-ATSIS subset contains records that specifically relate to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Source documents: Several hundred scholarly Australian journals are indexed comprehensively for APAIS, and additional articles are selected from other periodicals, monographs, newspapers and conference proceedings received by the National Library. Limited numbers of articles from overseas publications are also included. Subject coverage: APAIS is an index to the social sciences and humanities, and includes articles covering history, economics, politics, current affairs and culture. As far as possible, items are selected to represent various points of view on topics of importance such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land rights.
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