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Coordinated Timetable Project

Timetable Review 2013-14

A timetabling  review was conducted during 2013 and 2014 by consultants Madison Cross.  By engaging with Facilities Services Division and the Faculties as well as other key stakeholders, the review identified key benefits to be gained by improving the academic timetable, including:

  • Improved Student and Staff experiences by applying consistent timetabling processes across the University
  • Integrated software systems and key information flows associated with timetable production
  • Strengthened Faculty / School-based relationships

The Coordinated Timetable Project

The Coordinated Timetable Project is the program of updates to implement an improved timetable scheduling service across Deakin. This project will improve:

  • System use and integration
  • Policy and procedure including updates
  • Expanded software use and training

This project sees a strong partnership between Facilities and the Faculties as a vital component in improving the timetabling service. This project will provide the University with:

  • Improved timetable flexibility, enabling swift responses to change and opportunities
  • Better usage of University facilities, enabling increased load within existing facilities and improved access to key facilities
  • Better capture of Staff and Unit requirements leading to more appropriate scheduling outcomes

A summary of the Project scope and benefits is available as part of the Business Case which is available on the Deakin Staff Wiki.

How is it being delivered?

This 18 month project will commence in October 2014, aiming to deliver the updated timetable service ready for development of the 2016 academic timetable.There are a number of key phases:

  • Process Development Workshops including Policy and Procedure Review
  • Integration of Systems
  • Staff Training
  • Pilot Testing and Review
  • Production Rollout

The project team will publish regular project updates. To check progress including key risks and current issues see the latest report on the Deakin Staff Wiki.

How will it impact me?

Some staff will be asked to participate in the Process Development Workshops which started in October. These workshops, based on all of the information needed to support timetabling, seek to determine where and how information is developed and identify the most effective ways for this information to be provided to the timetable.

Other staff will be engaged in the pilot phase during which they will participate in the development of a trial timetable using the new approach.

On implementation, academic staff will notice new tools and processes for providing the timetable information for 2016. Training and information will be provided to assist staff in the use of the new approach and the project team will maintain regular updates throughout the project.

Students will also be engaged throughout the process to ensure their needs and requirements are built into the system. Although there is no system change proposed for students the outcome of the project should lead to an improved schedule from a student perspective.

How do I stay informed?

To find out more please bookmark this page, which provides a project overview as well as key updates.

Project Manager: David Reanney, Timetabling Manager, Facilities Services Division

Email: david.reanney@deakin.edu.au

Phone: 9244 6641 or 04050220 659

Project Sponsor: Kevin Murphy, Executive Director, Facilities Services Division

Email: Kevin.Murphy@deakin.edu.au

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