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The Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit staff have high level skills and knowledge in the fields of data analysis and reporting, forecasting and modelling, survey administration and design, statistics, Business Intelligence and associated tools, e.g. IBM Cognos SPSS; as well as many other aspects of data and higher education planning, advice and reporting. We provide the following services and information to assist members of the University with their decision-making, planning and continuous quality improvement:

Data and Statistics

What type of data is available?

The Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit collects, analyses and maintains a wide variety of data and information on the following areas:

  • Students, including feedback and outcomes
  • Student evaluations of units and teaching
  • Graduates, including feedback and outcomes
  • Staff
  • Finance
  • Research
  • Deakin Resources
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  • World University Rankings

Where does the data come from?

The data and information that is used by the Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit is sourced from various collection points:

  • University Systems e.g. Callista student system
  • Compliance reporting e.g. student data collection files, National survey data
  • Surveys and evaluations
  • Government Departments and Agencies eg Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Higher Education organisations e.g. VTAC, GCA
  • Publicly available sources e.g. World University Rankings (see below for links for externally available data)

All data and information is collected and stored in accordance to the relevant Privacy Legislation. For further information about privacy at Deakin, please visit the University Solicitors Office Privacy page

How do I access Deakin data and statistics?

There are several ways to obtain data and statistics about Deakin, depending on your level of access, experience with data or specific requirements:

  • Deakin at a Glance - Publicly available information about staff, students, resources and finances
  • Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units Reports - Public and staff only reports are available via the evaluations system. If you have been identified as a teacher or unit chair for a trimester/year, you will be able to view detailed outcomes including verbatim student comments.
  • SIPU Intranet (Wiki) - A Staff only resource with access to the latest data, reports and information available to Deakin Staff.
  • Ad-hoc Data Requests - For data that is not readily available through the SIPU website and once-off requests.

Links to externally available data and statistics (A to Z)

Australian Education International (AEI) Data and Research

Australasian Association for Institutional Research (AAIR)

Australian Bureau of Statistics - data available to Universities

Australian Council for Educational Research

Commonwealth Department of Education: Higher Education Statistics 

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Statistics for Victorian Schools

Graduate Careers Australia (GCA)

Hobsons Course Finder


National Centre for Vocational Education Research 

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development: Statistics

UNESCO Institute for Statistics: Higher Education

Universities Australia

Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC)

Reports and Publications

A wide range of data, dashboards, models and reports are available from the Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit.

Publicly available reports

Our most well known publication Deakin at a Glance is available to everyone and is a handy reference of student, staff and financial data at Deakin.

Student Evaluations of Teaching and Units (eVALUate public report or SETU public report) in aggregate form for unit quantitative outcomes only. These results are available for each teaching period (Trimester).

Staff only reports

Deakin Staff are able to access all of our latest reports through the Staff website

These reports include

  • Student Load Planning and Monitoring
  • University Summary Statistics
  • Fees information and reports
  • Course Metrics, including dashboards, course reviews and course experience feedback (CEQ)
  • Staff reporting
  • Student Reporting
    • Strategic Survey information (employment outcomes, further study patterns, student feedback)
    • Admission and Selection (VTAC Reports, pop polls, offer rounds, preferences and enrollments, direct admission reports)
    • Equity and Diversity reporting
    • Student Outcomes (retention and success rates)
    • Unit and Teacher Evaluations Reports for staff only may be accessed via the student evaluation system and include:
      • eVALUate Staff Detailed Reports for staff with authorised access only. This includes staff identified as teachers and unit chairs for a particular trimester/year and senior Faculty staff or Executive who may have access assigned at School, Faculty or University level.
      • SETU Restricted ie Staff Detailed Reports (as per above access) up to Trimester 1 2014
      • eVALUate Course Summary Report

Other Services

Ad-hoc Data Requests

This service is available to anyone who has a specific need for data that is not readily available from our website or the Deakin Data Warehouse. The timeframes for these requests vary depending on the availability and complexity of the data requested. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or complete the Ad-hoc Data Request Form

Survey Services

Corporate Survey Checklist and Procedure

Staff who wish to run their own corporate style survey that involves Deakin staff or students will need to apply for approval and familiarise themselves with the relevant policies and procedures. We can assist with this process.

Survey Design and Management Advice (non-research)

Deakin staff who have approval to run their own survey for corporate information (non-research), SIPU has a range of resources to guide you through the process. 

Corporate Survey Tool Access and Support (Opinio)

Deakin University uses Opinio to run online surveys on our staff, students and stakeholders. This service is for staff only.

Deakin Business Intelligence (Cognos) User Training

The Deakin Data Warehouse is available to staff across the University. New Cognos licencees are able to attend a face to face training session conducted by SIPU Cognos experts.

 Contact us to discuss any of the services listed

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