Student Life

Our purpose is to enable success for all Deakin's students and staff. We will achieve this through the development and provision of excellent, efficient and engaged services, resources and facilities.

Health and wellbeing

At Deakin a priority is placed on student and staff wellbeing.  A range of specialised services are offered to help local and international students stay healthy and safe – physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Orientation and induction

Leading the development and coordinated delivery of a range of specialised orientation and induction activities for all incoming and existing, local and international students ensuring they engage with the University and each other throughout their University journey.

Social and cultural engagement

Managing the development and delivery of and a range of cultural and social engagement activities, services and events to all students and staff in collaboration with DUSA, YMCA and other partners.

Study and English language skills

Dedicated to providing specialised student support to ensure continued improvement and development of student academic, English language and communication skills for life.

Sport and recreation

Management, development and enhancement of existing and new recreation and sporting facilities within Deakin.   Plus the delivery of engaging sport and recreation activities in partnership with the YMCA, DUSA and other key partners.

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