Deakin Learning Futures

We facilitate and assure Deakin’s strategic plan – LIVE the future: Agenda 2020 – by providing support for learning and teaching, and collaborating with faculties and divisions to offer a brilliant education for Deakin students.

Our teams

Deakin Learning Futures (DLF) teams:

  • work directly with faculties to design and build outstanding courses for all campuses, including the Cloud Campus
  • collaborate with teaching teams to create premium online learning experiences
  • lead and manage the online learning environment (Cloud Campus)
  • support teachers to build their own skills and ideas
  • lead innovation projects that explore new ideas in learning and teaching.

Our focus

Deakin's course design and delivery is guided by the Deakin Curriculum Framework. Our courses build graduate employability through: 

  • Deakin’s graduate learning outcomes 
  • personalising relevant and engaging learning experiences 
  • authentic assessment. 

Deakin Learning Futures collaborates with faculty teaching and learning support teams to continually enhance courses and build capacity for all university teaching staff. 

We work with other divisions, including the library and the Division of Student Life, to ensure our students have a meaningful learning experience that equips them for their future.

Our services

Learning environments

We develop and maintain Deakin's cloud learning environment to deliver premium online learning. The learning environment is delivered through DeakinSync and provides access to unit, course and specialist sites. 

There's also support for learning online for both staff and students.

DLF faculty pods

We have dedicated faculty teams that work with course teaching teams to design and enhance Deakin courses. Each DLF faculty pod includes a curriculum design group, a resource development group and quality assurance support. 

DLF faculty pods support course teams to build a vision for courses and deliver premium learning experiences.

TeachAssist and CloudMobile

TeachAssist provides at-the-elbow support for teaching delivery and a range of services to build staff capability. The TeachAssist team also supports the Me in a Minute project – helping students create a short video of their achievements at Deakin.

CloudMobile is a mobile video studio that visits each campus to assist teaching staff in creating rich media for learning.

Teaching and learning practice

We support university initiatives in learning and teaching, and quality assurance. Initiatives are developed and delivered collaboratively with faculties and divisions to deliver Deakin’s strategic plan LIVE the future: Agenda 2020.

Contact us

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