Graduate Employment

The Graduate Employment Division harnesses digital technologies to offer personalised career education anytime, anywhere, at scale.

We empower students to explore a broad range of career pathways and jobs of the future. We welcome every opportunity to partner with employers and employer groups.

Our focus

We deliver: 

  • graduate recruitment services to connect students directly with employers and help them secure jobs
  • graduate talent development to help students become more marketable
  • contemporary career education to develop career-ready graduates.

Our services

Preparing students for jobs and careers of the future

We educate and guide students on career opportunities and job application essentials. Our tailored workshops and consultations empower them to explore a broad range of career pathways.

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Nurturing and developing graduate talent

Our career advancement and enrichment programs are engaging, inspiring and industry relevant. We focus on career education through content, coaching and forums. We also provide application preparation workshops and internship opportunities.

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Supporting graduates beyond their Deakin journey

By fostering employer partnerships, we enable greater pathways for graduate recruitment. Our services include talent pipeline matching, and applicant screening and shortlisting.

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Pro Vice-Chancellor, Graduate Employment
Professor Dineli Mather
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Digital Strategy Lead
Saad Sheikh
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Manager, Graduate Recruitment Services
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