Marketing Division

With a strong focus on customer and digital-first thinking, we work collaboratively with stakeholders across the University to deliver integrated marketing campaigns that position Deakin at the head of the pack.

Our focus

Our aim is to position Deakin effectively and positively within the marketplace, while attracting and converting prospective students.

Our responsibilities

The Marketing Division manages several key tasks, including:

  • driving and managing both traditional and digital marketing channels
  • producing a range of materials to effectively market Deakin, its products and brand
  • organising events
  • creating advertising campaigns and strategies
  • managing the University’s central website and social media channels
  • producing merchandise
  • managing the structure and messaging of all marketing channels.

Our units

Brand and Content Unit

The Brand and Content Unit manages Deakin’s visual identity, including the development and implementation of various brand and promotional strategies. This team also looks after advertisements in print and electronic media, as well as merchandise and graphic design needs.

For advertising queries, please email

Market Insights Unit

The Market Insights Unit undertakes frequent, comprehensive market research to ensure Deakin maintains its reputation as Australia's leading provider of innovative, high-calibre education.

We provide informed data to support and influence the development of product and pricing strategies, providing an in-depth understanding of the sector, competitors and the customer.

Product Marketing Unit

The Product Marketing Unit is responsible for the management and ongoing improvement of Deakin’s website, including updating content and ensuring consistency across the site.

Student Recruitment Unit

The Student Recruitment Unit is responsible for visiting schools, conducting campus tours and running events with the primary goal of recruiting students to Deakin. 

To order course guides and brochures, please complete a publications order form.

Contact us

Executive Director
Matt Edge
Email Matt Edge

Prospective Students Enquiry Centre (General Manager)
Gagan Singh
Email Gagan Singh

Brand and Content (Head)
Jess McCartney
Email Jess McCartney

Market Insights (Head)
Denise Maguire
Email Denise Maguire

Performance and Growth (Head)
Gemma Anderson
Email Gemma Anderson

Product Marketing (Head)
Cinthya Goliopoulos
Email Cinthya Goliopoulos

Student Recruitment (Head)
Roula Karakostas
Email Roula Karakostas