Project team

VBA Project Team

From left to right: Dr Sumith Matharage, Dr Susan Keller, Ms Judy Munro, Professor Dineli Mather, Associate Professor Jacob Cybulski, Associate Professor Olivera Marjanovic, Dr Lasitha Dharmasena, Mr Konrad Cybulski, Dr Dilal Saundage

Project Team

Project Board Lead
Associate Professor Jacob Cybulski - Deakin University
Associate Professor Olivera Marjanovic - University of Sydney

Project Manager Judy Munro

Deakin University

Professor Dineli Mather
Dr Susan Keller
Dr Dilal Saundage
Dr Lasitha Dharmasena
Dr Sumith Matharage
Online game developers

University of Sydney

Research Assistant TBA
BA/BI Developer TBA
Teradata University Network

Reference group
Independent evaluation auditor

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