George Fairfax Fellows

Kim Williams, AM

Growing up in Arts: a personal Australian perspective on film, television, music and management (2010)

Professor Francois Colbert

Beyond branding: Contemporary marketing challenges for arts organizations (2009)

Professor Anne Gombault

The Grand Louvre Regaining superstar status: the role of organizational identity (2008)

Sue Nattrass AO

The Role of the Arts Manager: Baby Boomer to Y-Generation (2007)

Professor Laurence Chalip

The Buzz of Big Events: Is it Worth Bottling (2006)

Professor Jon Altman

Brokering Aboriginal Art: A Critical Perspective on Marketing, Institutions and the State (2005)

Associate Professor Stephen Preece

Unlikely Bedfellows: Exploring Unique Performing Arts Collaborations (2004)

Dr Neil Kotler

Creativity and Interactivity: New Ways to Experience, Market and Manage Museums (2003)

Dr Des Griffin

Entrepreneurship in the arts: Entrepreneurship in museums (2002)

Dr Race Matthews

Masters of their Own Destiny: Autonomy and the Performing Arts (2001)

Professor Jennifer Radbourne

The Profitability of Arts Leadership (2000)

Stephen Armstrong

The Art of the Possible, or, Art on the Make? (1999)

Dr Volker Kirchberg

The Challenging Face of Arts Audiences (1998)

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