Financial Services Division

FSD - Staff Contacts

Staff contact details by department

Name Position / Area of responsibility Phone Fax Campus Email
Smart, Brian Director, Corporate Finance 68129 68213 B
Myers, Wayne Manager, Accounting Systems 71208 72682 G wayne.myers
Dharmasena, Saliya Accounting Systems Officer, DFMS, Powerbudget, OneStop, Training and Support, Webpage Maintenance 72679 72682 G saliya.dharmasena
Chan, Jenny Financial Accountant, Investment of Funds and Leasing 68123 68213 B jenny.chan
Robinson, Pat Treasury Officer, Bank Reconciliation, Clearing Accounts 68124 68213 B pat.robinson
Ho, Angela Assistant Financial Accountant, Companies Reconciliation 68122 68213 B angela.ho
Eliza Ryding Financial Services Manager 68130 68213 B eliza.ryding
71114 72682 G
Schinas, Jane Campus Finance Officer 68126 68213 B jane.schinas
Walker, Annie Campus Finance Officer 72978 72682 G annie.walker
Liakounakos, Peter Budget Maintenance and Funds Transfers 68125 68213 B peter.liakounakos
McCrohan, Brett TEMS Administrator, Expense Reimbursement 72115 72682 G brett.mccrohan
Johnson, Carmel TEMS Administrator, Expense Reimbursement 72973 72682 G carmel.johnson
Hayes, Jenny Fixed Assets Team Leader 71151 72682 G jennifer.hayes
Steer, Bronwyn Fixed Assets Officer 72520 72682 G bronwyn.steer
  By Supplier Name starting with:  
Todd, Elizabeth A, B, Canon 72686 72682 G liz.todd
Graham, Steve F, G, H, I, J 72680 72682 G steven.graham
Sloane, Belinda C,D,E 71119 72682 G belinda.sloane
Nugent, Anna N, O, P, Q, R 71117 72682 G anna.nugent
Koulkoudinas, Manuel S, T, U, V, X, Y, Z 72684 72682 G manuel.koulkoudinas
Barker, Tania Cabcharge 33560 33561 W tania.barker
Trigg, Melinda Cabcharge 33388 33561 W melinda.trigg
Craig, Vanessa CSS, Overseas Payments(P/O related), Library 72974 72682 G vanessa.craig
Barker, Tania Campus Finance Officer, General Debtors 33560 33561 W tania.barker
Trigg, Melinda Senior Finance Officer 33388 33561 W melinda.trigg
Hearns, Siverena Cashier (Waurn Ponds) 72681 72682 G cashier
McEwin, Kerry Team Leader Cashiers Office Geelong, Conferences & Seminars Administrator 72524 72682 G cashier
Stewart, Roz Cashier (Waurn Ponds) 71146 72682 G cashier
Felton, Allison Cashier (Burwood) 45529 46826 B allison.felton
Kakos, Aren Cashier (Burwood) 46982 46826 B aren.kakos
Manna, Rosa Cashier (Burwood) 46248 46826 B rosa.manna
Savanah, Sylviane Cashier (Burwood) 46984 46826 B sylviane.savanah
Tantsis, Dimitra Cashier (Burwood) 46249 46826 B dimitra.tantsis
Regan, Julie Cashier /Student Loans (Warrnambool) 33343 33561 W julie.regan
Rizakis, George Manager, Taxation 68119 68213 B george.rizakis
Armour, Anita Insurance Officer 72230 72682 G anita.armour
Primmer, Sandra Insurance Officer 33121 33561 W sandra.primmer

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8th May 2013