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About digital literacy

About digital literacy

Being digitally literate means being able to search and navigate, think critically and analyse, create and communicate information using a variety of digital media.

Watch the following video to discover how digital literacy helps us all to live, learn, teach and connect in a global digital world.

Digital literacy cloud concept for academics (video, 1 minutes 54 seconds)

For a break down of some key tasks associated with digital literacy, check out the digital literacy quick guide (PDF, 89 KB).

Other resources:

Digital literacy framework

Digital literacy framework

A digital literacy framework (PDF, 127 KB) has been developed by Deakin University Library to assist course teams and unit chairs in developing course and unit learning outcomes for digital literacy.

This framework breaks down the skills and proficiency associated with digital literacy into the three key aspects of find, use and disseminate.

Discuss the digital literacy framework with your Liaison Librarian.

Learning activities and assessment tasks

Learning activities and assessment tasks

Here are some examples of innovative ways digital literacy is being evidenced in learning activities and assessment tasks for different units.

'Find' and 'Use'

Digital literacy evidenced in an undergraduate unit within the bachelor or architecture (video, 3 minutes 39 seconds)

This example involves students finding and evaluating information resources for their assignment topic, and presenting it in an annotated bibliography.

Example support resources from the library

Community of Practice


Community of Practice

Join and contribute to our Digital literacy Community of Practice on Yammer. You can share ideas, opinions, resources and experiences of working with digital literacy in learning, teaching and assessment at Deakin University.

Videos and tutorials

Videos and tutorials

Access and share the Library's digital literacy videos, tutorials and rich text resources.

These resources have been designed to build students' digital literacy skills. For easy navigation, they have been broken up into the three key aspects of digital literacy: find, use, and disseminate.

If you have any questions or feedback on these resources, please contact your Liaison Librarian.

Contact your Liaison Librarian

Contact us

Contact your Liaison Librarian to discuss personalised support in embedding digital literacy in your course.

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