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Working with teaching staff

We create and deliver learning experiences throughout the year, teaching into all four faculties and across our institutes and divisions. Explore some of the ways librarians work with teaching and professional staff to create exceptional learning experiences for our communities.

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Working with teaching staff

Digital literacy

Digital literacy is the third graduate learning outcome at Deakin. It is defined as using technologies to find, use and disseminate information. Scholarly Services can help you weave digital literacy development into your curriculum and assessment practices. Our librarians will work with you to identify opportunities to support your students in this graduate learning outcome. We can:

  • help with the creation of digital learning experiences
  • provide seminars and in-class training
  • assist with learning, assessment and curriculum design.

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Open educational practice

Guided by the Library’s dedicated open education team, library staff can support you to advance open education practices in your teaching. Our team can work with you to advance this pedagogical approach by:

  • consulting with you to explore what open might mean to your teaching practice
  • helping you finding an open educational resource to replace your current textbook
  • guiding you in the creation of a new or adapted open education resource.

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Collections, reading lists and teaching materials

Working with our collection teams, as well as academics and teaching staff, our librarians can provide advice and guidance on selecting engaging and accessible learning materials, readings and other resources for your teaching.

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Support is also available to help you learn how to manage your reading lists in your unit sites.

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Copyright advice

Need advice about making copyright work for you in preparing your teaching materials? Whether you want to create your own content or use the work of others, explore these resources provided by our expert Copyright Team.

We can also support your students in understanding how copyright impacts them now and in the future workforce. There are copyright modules for students, or tailored teaching sessions available to you.

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Further support

Speak to your Librarian about teaching and learning services we can provide for you and your students.

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