Follow best practice when using copyright material in teaching materials

Text (literary works)

Limits you must follow when using:

  • Literary materials
  • Journal articles and periodicals
  • Anthologies and conference proceedings

Artistic works and images

Using artistic works, such as diagrams, maps and graphs in your teaching material

Film, TV and sound recordings

Sharing YouTube clips, DVDs, television broadcasts, music and sound recordings in class


Your rights may differ when recording your lectures, and hosting guest or public lectures

Assignments and exams

Sharing assignment tasks online, and using copyright material in exams

Reading Lists

Reading Lists are the easiest way to manage your course materials, and help you follow copyright guidelines and limits.

Disability Support Unit

The Disability Support Unit can provide accessible copies of content for students with a disability.

They work with the Library's Print Disability Service to supply copies in required formats, and will contact the Copyright Office if the request is outside allowed provisions.