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Using stable links to link to library resources

What is a stable link?

Stable links (also known as permalinks) are URLs that will always take a user to a specified resource, regardless of login status or location. A stable link ensures that users are authenticated as a Deakin user and are granted access to library resources.

Why use a stable link?

  1. Students can access library resources from anywhere,
  2. Links to library resources won’t break unexpectedly,
  3. Students aren’t asked to pay for resources the library already has.

How do I find a stable link?

There’s no one consistent way to ensure you are copying a stable link from library resources. Each platform or provider may offer this in different ways.

Most providers will have an option such as ‘share’, ‘permalink’, ‘copy URL’ or ‘link to this page'. This will create a stable link that you can copy to use in course or other digital materials.

Copying the URL from the address bar will not always work.

Can’t figure out how to find a stable link to a particular resource? Contact your librarian.

Read below for specific help creating and embedded stable links on key platforms.

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