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Choosing resources for your unit

Here are some things to consider when choosing or updating teaching resources for your unit reading lists.

  • Would you like to explore digital rather than physical copies for your teaching?
    • Finding relevant electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals and open education resources is a speciality of your Librarian.
  • Would you like to increase equitable learning for your students?
  • Do you have an online, open book exam where many your students require concurrent access to a resource?
    • Consider electronic versions which can improve access.
  • Do you need the latest information or a historical perspective?
    • Your Librarian can help you find recent research, latest editions, key texts and primary sources.
  • Do you have a range of resources? This is a great way to represent different perspectives, evidence sets, formats and mediums.
    • You can work with your Librarian to explore resources with different viewpoints.
    • Consider different mediums such as plans, maps, statistics, images, videos, reports, data, newspapers, websites.
  • Would you like to create a CloudDeakin embedded digital reading list (Talis)?
  • Do you have an extensive reading list?
    • Ask your Librarian how to flag the importance of the readings (prescribed, recommended or further reading) to guide your students.
  • Do you need a certain section of a print resource?
    • The library can digitise 10% or one chapter, just speak to your Librarian.
  • Do you have PDFs of resources uploaded in your unit site?
    • Link to resources rather than using a copy.
    • Chat to your Librarian about alternative options that are copyright friendly
  • Have you considered copyright limits in your teaching material?
    • The library has copyright experts who can assist you.
    • More information is available on the Copyright in Teaching site

Remember your Librarian can provide you with advice and assistance for your resourcing and access needs.

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